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We Are The Champions!

Welcome back to the podcast which remembers what it was like to grow up as a child in 1970’s Britain and the central part that television played in our lives then. It was a world of orange and beige clothes, instant mash potato and economic ruin for the UK but for those of a certain age it was our childhood and we remember it fondly.

In this episode, we celebrate the long, warm days of a British summer and our obsession with making the most of the little warm weather we had. Alongside village fetes and garden parties we look back at school sports days and make a shocking discovery about how the lines for the running track at our host Oliver’s primary school were marked out. We also speculate on who made money put of supplying beanbags to every school in Britain.

The spirit of school sports days also inspired the long running  show We Are The Champions where the great Ron Pickering supervised school kids taking part in obstacle courses on a soggy field outside a leisure centre in Essex before the teams took to the pool for more fun and games.

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