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Quiz # 6 : The Questions 👻

Hello and welcome back to the latest instalment of the My 70’s TV Childhood Quiz. It’s great to have you with us again and a special welcome if this is your first time listening. This is our fortnightly quiz focused on 1970’s television and a few questions based on what we’ve covered in the last three years on our regular podcast.

It’s just for fun, but don’t let that stop you from being fiercely competitive with your friends, family, and whoever else you might be listening with.

We love hearing about how you’ve done with the quiz, and the last quiz seems to have had a few of you quite stumped, particularly our theme tunes. From the scores we’ve had reported, I think we’ve had quite a lot of 14’s which is pretty good. It also seems quite a few of you scored between five and ten, so there’s some scope for improvement there. I also had a lovely note from a new listener, who I won’t embarrass by naming, who played as a joint effort with his wife. In spite of their combined brainpower, they scored five points, which isn’t great I have to say, but I was delighted to hear that listening and playing together gave you a good laugh, largely at how many easy answers you got wrong.

Right, and on to this week’s quiz. Are you ready? Pens and pencils poised. Then here we go!

Round One: Spin the Wheel – TV Year 1977

1.1 – In March 1977, ITV launched its epic biblical series ‘Jesus of Nazareth,’ but who played the title role?

1.2 – In April 1977, an episode of ‘This is your Life’ had a remarkable 22.22 million viewers. Who was the subject in Eamon Andrews’s big red book?

1.3 – Still on viewing figures, how many people were estimated to have watched the Queen’s 1977 Silver Jubilee celebration on TV across the world?

1.4 – In January 1977, Charlie’s Angels was first shown in the UK to great excitement from the viewing public. Which actresses played the original three angels?

1.5 – On Christmas Day 1977, two shows gained audiences of over 28 million. Obviously, one was The Morecambe and Wise Christmas Show, but what was the other one?

Marathon – Fil Rouge

2.1 – Way back in our early episode about shopping and ‘Are You Being Served,’ I mentioned that my parents got married on a Wednesday afternoon. Why was that?

2.2 – In our 50th episode, ‘What was on in 1972,’ I mentioned that a famous folk group visited our school on one occasion. Who were they?

2.3 – Which company did my family rent its TV sets from?

2.4 – In ‘Cosgrove and Hall: The Early Years,’ we remembered ‘The Magic Ball,’ which I mistakenly always thought was called ‘Sam and his Magic Ball.’ After finishing his adventures, Sam would go home to his Aunt’s antique shop, and his Aunt would say “and where have you been young man?” What did Sam always say in reply?

2.5 – As part of our recent tribute to Michael Parkinson, we looked back to this summer and a photo which showed Sir Michael reunited with two of his old cricketing teammates at the Headingley test match. Who were they?

Name That Tune – well you are getting to have to listen In for this one

TV Times – Halloween Special 👻

4.1 – I was personally terrified by the famous faceless nun in a rocking chair scene in an episode of Armchair Thriller. I literally couldn’t sleep for a week. But who was the lady detective who was investigating the mystery?

4.2 – Rentaghost featured a lot of ghosts, obviously. But what was the profession of Timothy Claypole when he was alive?

4.3 – The public information film Dark Water scared us all senseless in the 1970s as the grim reaper lured several children to their untimely deaths by playing in and around water. But how many of them met an untimely end?

4.4 – The deeply unsettling ITV children’s show ‘Children of the Stones’ was first broadcast in 1977. It was set in a small village surrounded by a Neolithic stone circle. What was the name?

4.5 – And finally, who played Lizzie Dripping in the TV series of the same name which featured a scary witch?

Bonus Question

Still on the horror theme, the 1976 series Beasts was an anthology of various disturbing tales involving animals. In the episode ‘During Barty’s Party,’ a middle-class, suburban couple are laid siege to their own house by which animals?

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Thank you so much for being a part of our quiz community and sharing in the nostalgia of the 1970s. I look forward to having you back for more episodes of “The My 70’s TV Childhood Quiz” and our regular podcast next week

Take care

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