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Quiz # 5:The Questions???

Greetings, nostalgia enthusiasts! Oliver Colling here, with another exciting journey into the iconic world of 70’s television.

Firstly, a heartfelt shoutout to Kevin for his ingenious suggestion. In this episode, we’re marrying the unpredictability of the wheel of fate with the melodious memories of iconic themes. It’s a delightful concoction designed to challenge and entertain!

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in! Arm yourself with a pen, paper, and perhaps a nostalgic sip of your favourite drink from the 70s, and let’s embark on this exciting journey.

Today, we’re revisiting 1974, a year that gifted us with unforgettable television moments.
From the Fil Rouge Round, inspired by our previous episodes, to Kevin’s brilliant integration of the wheel of fate with iconic 1972 theme songs, and the comprehensive TV Times Trivia – every question is a key unlocking a cherished memory.

Spin the Wheel – TV Year 1974:

1.1 Who won the 19th Eurovision Song Contest held in Brighton, and what song clinched the victory?
1.2 Who stepped into the iconic shoes of Doctor Who after Jon Pertwee’s final appearance?
1.3 Who lent their voice as the narrator for the epic 26-part documentary, The World at War?
1.4 Who played Blakey’s sister in the On the Buses spin-off “Don’t Drink the Water”?
1.5 1.5 What show captivated over 21m viewers on 7th April 1974, becoming the most-watched TV show of the year?

Marathon – Fil Rouge:

2.1 Can you recall the names of all the firemen from the Trumpton Fire Brigade?
2.2 Which show, described as being about “a boy, his dog, and lots of knitwear,” was reminisced about in our “Sporting Life” episode?
2.3 Which theme tune, belonging to another iconic show by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, opened our “FAB Virgil: Thunderbirds are Go!” episode?
2.4 What magical words did Sooty utter during his tricks?
2.5 How did Samantha, the suburban witch from Bewitched, perform her magic?

Name That Tune – Shows that Started in 1972:
You are going to have to tune in for this one!

TV Times Trivia:
4.1 Where was the iconic Crossroads Motel located?
4.2 Who frequently played the Ring Master on Billy Smart’s Circus during the 1970s?
4.3 What was unusual about Fanny Craddock’s relationship with her husband Johnnie?
4.4 Who was the telephone operator in the animated series Hong Kong Phooey?
4.5 In Pipkins, what type of animal was Topov?

Bonus Question:
Why was Kojak frequently seen enjoying lollipops?

We’re eager to discover who will emerge as the ultimate 70’s TV trivia maestro.

Share your scores, insights, and feedback on our socials. If you have any questions you want to add email me at and

We’ll unveil the answers on Friday, the 20th of October. Engage with our vibrant community on social media and immerse yourself in a space where the 70’s spirit is alive and thriving.

Until our next nostalgic journey, happy reminiscing!


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