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Test Your 70s TV Knowledge: Quiz #18

Hello, and welcome back to My 70s TV Childhood Quiz! Can you believe we’re already at our 18th quiz show? Whether you’re a first-timer or a regular contestant, we’re thrilled to have you join us as we take another deep dive into the sparkling pool of yesteryear’s television memories.

In this week’s episode, we’re back with our usual format, featuring four rounds of nostalgia-inducing questions. From the NEW May Madness round to the TV Times round, we’ve got a little something for everyone who loves a trip down memory lane.

So, without further ado, let’s gear up, grab that pen and paper, and step into our television time machine. It’s quiz time!

Round One – May Madness

1. Which BBC sitcom starring Paul Nicholas and Su Pollard as a pair of hippy squatters was first shown in May 1979?
2.  Still in May 1979, ITV showed the first episode of a sitcom set in an undertakers starring Thora Hird. What was it called?
3. In May 1973, BBC2 showed the first episode of an American sitcom which was to run for a then record breaking 11 years. What was its name?
4. Which Saturday tea time BBC show started making dreams come true for viewers on 31st May 1975?
5. And finally, in May 1977, what ITV children’s TV show was first broadcast starring Lesley Manville and Jamie Forman as school pupils who start a school newspaper?

Round Two – Marathon or Fil Rouge

1. Last December, we looked back at the US show Fantasy island. What was the name of the island’s mysterious owner played by Ricardo Montalban?
2. In which month of which year did we begin our Quiz? Here’s a clue, this is our 18th episode?
3. Who was the host of “We Are the Champions” which we featured in June 2023?
4. In September last year, we looked back at “It Ain’t Half Hot Mum.” What was the name of the pianist for the concert party?
5. In March 2021, we celebrated the 50th birthday of Mr Benn created by David McKee. What other animated show did he create for BBC children’s TV?

Round Three – Name That Tune (1976)

You are going to have to tune in to the podcast for this round!!

Round Four – TV Times

1. Phil Davis and Ray Burdis starred as two school leavers looking for a career in which ITV show?
2. Who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1976 and with what song?
3. Elizabeth R was a 1971 six-part drama about Queen Elizabeth the First. Who played the title role?
4. Which talent show’s initial twenty-two-year run ended on 20th March 1978? It was later revived.
5. Who were the original team captains on A Question of Sport?

Bonus Question

In which 1960s and 70s US TV show did the closing credits include an invitation to come back again next week using the words “Y’all come back now?”

Remember, whether you’re a quiz whizz or a casual guesser, it’s all in good fun!

Eager for more? Don’t forget to tune in weekly for our podcast episodes and bi-weekly for the quizzes. Share your scores, comments, and any 70s TV memories with us – we love hearing from you!

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