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Test Your 70s TV Knowledge: Quiz #13

Welcome back to the My 70’s TV Childhood Quiz! Whether you’re tuning in for the first time or you’re a seasoned listener, get ready for a journey down memory lane.

But before we dive into the quiz, I must begin with an apology. In last week’s quiz, I mistakenly stated that Private Pike from “Dad’s Army” was turned down from the army due to an allergy to corned beef. However, the correct reason was that he had a rare blood group. We’re grateful to keen-eared listeners like Stephen who pointed out this error. Your attention to detail helps us maintain the accuracy of our quizzes, and we appreciate your contribution.

Now, onto Round One: Birthday Bonanza! Since this episode coincides with my actual birthday, I’ve decided to indulge in some birthday-themed nostalgia. I’ve looked back to find which TV stars share a February birthday with me. And yes, I might have sprinkled a few extra clues along the way, but hey, it’s a celebration! 

Round One: Birthday Bonanza

  1. Which actor was born on 24th February 1948 and starred in two hugely popular London-based dramas of the 1970’s? Here’s a clue, he wrote and sang the theme tune to one of the shows.
  2. Which actor was born on 5th February 1922 in Paddington? His first name was Daniel but he went by his middle name.
  3. The real-life wife of the late John Thaw was born on 22nd February 1933. An accomplished stage, film and TV actress herself, what’s her name?
  4. On 22nd February 1928, one of the 1970’s most popular entertainers was born in Edmonton, London. Who was it and did his Mum think it was nice to see him?
  5. A regular feature in 1970’s TV with appearances in all kinds of dramas, which actress, who went on to even better things in the 80’s, 90’s and beyond was born on 17th February 1929?

Round Two: Marathon – Fil Rouge

  1.  When we looked back at Secret Army last year, we spent a bit of time discussing the evil Gestapo Chief who featured in the show. What was his name? And if you can get both his first and second name, there’s a bonus point.
  2. In Porridge which we featured in 2022, what sentence was handed down to Norman Stanley Fletcher in the opening sequence?
  3. In our episode last year featuring “It ain’t Half Hot Mum” we mentioned that Windsor Davies and Don Estele had a number one hit record – what was it called?
  4. In one of our very first episodes, our guest George talked about his hometown being one of the few places where you could tell which part of town you were in by the smell. Where was that?
  5. In our 50th episode, we looked back to 1972 and some of the shows in the schedules then. One of those was an Australian drama which featured Woobinda. What did Woobinda do?

Round Three: Name That Tune – 1972

You will have to listen to the podcast to guess the theme tunes from 1972!

Round Four: TV Times

  1. In the US show “The Odd Couple”, Felix Unger played by Jack Klugman, moved in with his childhood friend Oscar Madison. Who played Oscar?
  2. By what name were Harry Rule, Contessa Caroline di Contini and Paul Buche known collectively?
  3. In Coronation Street, who was killed by a single gunshot to the stomach on 11 January 1978?
  4. What famous and often repeated TV play did Mike Leigh call “a stage play that was wheeled into a television studio”?
  5. Which 1978 BBC musical drama serial written by Dennis Potter and starring the great Bob Hoskins, took its title from a song written by Johnny Burke and Arthur Johnston?

Bonus Question

In “Bless This House” Sid James played the father of the family and he worked as a travelling salesman. What did he sell?

Stay tuned for the answers to this quiz in our next blog post this Friday. In the meantime, share your answers, memories, and thoughts with us on our social media platforms. Your engagement keeps the spirit of 70s TV alive and thriving!

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