You are currently viewing Teleporting Back in Time: Celebrating 51 Years of The Tomorrow People

Teleporting Back in Time: Celebrating 51 Years of The Tomorrow People

Welcome back to our podcast, dedicated to reliving the golden age of British 70’s TV —a time of unique fashion, iconic home decor in hues of orange, beige and avocado,  and a defining era for television. Before the age of streaming and digital recordings, TV was a shared cultural moment, enjoyed together at scheduled times, making each show a special event.

Thank you to our returning listeners for your continued support, and a warm welcome to those joining us for the first time. Your interactions greatly enhance our journey through 70’s TV nostalgia. A special shout-out to Mark from Australia, Julia who’s newly discovered our podcast, and Kathy for her kind words on Facebook. Your engagement is what keeps this podcast going.

In today’s episode, we mark the 51st anniversary of “The Tomorrow People,” a show that first aired on ITV on April 30, 1973. I was just six years old when I tuned into the mysterious and somewhat unsettling debut of this series, which introduced us to Stephen, a young boy suddenly overwhelmed by telepathic abilities. The enigmatic Tomorrow People rescued him, sparking a series filled with intrigue and the exciting concept of homo superior—humans evolving into beings with extraordinary powers like telepathy and teleportation.

The series was memorable for its imaginative storytelling and the fascinating idea of teleportation, achieved through the use of ‘jaunting belts.’ Many of us spent hours reenacting these scenes, yelling “jaunt!” while clutching at our belts, pretending to teleport across the playground.

The first series introduced us to characters like John, the de facto leader, and Carol, my first TV crush, alongside Kenny, the youngest member confined to their headquarters, The Lab, located in a disused London Underground station. This eclectic mix of characters and their adventures left an indelible mark on my childhood.

“The Tomorrow People” ran for six years, captivating audiences with its blend of science fiction and drama, albeit with the occasional confusing plot twist and a revolving door of characters. Despite these changes, the show maintained its charm and adventurous spirit, exploring themes from intergalactic federations to time travel, all the while anchored by its core of evolving human potential.

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  1. Mark Azzopardi

    Thanks for covering The Tomorrow People. My brother and I watched this from the first episode and we were instantly hooked. The theme music really scared me! I also liked Carol (Sammie Winmill later turned up in Doctor In Charge). I recall also that Trevor Bannister played the sinister Colonel Masters in a few episodes; quite a contrast to his Are You Being Served character. The show played in Australia for quite a few years, so I did see most of the series run.

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