Quiz # 11 Results Time!

Hello, quizzers! Oliver Colling here with the answers to our latest "My 70's TV Childhood" quiz. Let's see how you fared in our journey back to the glory days of 1973 and beyond, across the landscape of iconic British TV, memorable public information films, tuneful themes, and classic adverts. Round One: Spin the Wheel – 19731. The Comedy That Wasn't from '73: Which of these shows didn't start in 1973? Was it a) 'Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads', b) 'Some Mothers Do 'Ave Em', or c) 'The Fall and Rise…

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Test Your 70s TV Knowledge: Quiz #11

Welcome back to "My 70's TV Childhood." This week, we're embarking on a nostalgic journey to the golden era of Great British TV—1973. It's a year that has become a hallmark of classic television, still fondly remembered by those who experienced its first hand.Whether you're savouring a cuppa or you've chosen to end dry January with something a bit more robust (cheers from us!), prepare for a trip through the memories and hilarity of 1970s television—and remember, it's just for fun!I want to extend a warm thank you to Andrea, who…

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Title: Revealed: Answers to The My 70’s TV Childhood Quiz #7 – Test Your Knowledge!

Curious about the correct answers to our 70s TV quiz?  It's time to unveil the answers. Let's see how well you remembered those iconic TV moments from the 1970s! Round One: Soap Suds Question: In which fictional city is Coronation Street set? Answer: Weatherfield Question: Peggy Skilbeck was the daughter of Annie Sugden on Emmerdale. What were her two brothers called? Answer: Jack and Joe Sugden Question: In Dallas, first broadcast in the UK in 1978, who was the father of Cliff Barnes and his sister Pam, who was married to…

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