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Survivors: Would You Survive?

In this episode, we’re entering the dark and apocalyptic world of “Survivors.” This series, with its bleak portrayal of a post-pandemic society, was known for its grim and realistic depiction of a world ravaged by a deadly virus – a theme that might sound eerily familiar to us now.

“Survivors,” first aired in 1975, was a show ahead of its time. The show’s intro, lasting just about 50 seconds, masterfully encapsulates the entire backstory of a deadly virus outbreak, setting the stage for the gripping narrative that follows. No lengthy explanations needed – this succinct setup tells you all you need to know. If you’re curious to revisit this iconic opening? Check out the LINK for a quick throwback moment.

The show’s ability to portray a world so starkly different from our own, yet so plausible, was its true genius. Interestingly, the idea for “Survivors” came to creator Terry Nation during a power cut in his village, leading him to wonder what would happen if the lights never came back on. This sparked the concept of a society crumbling under the weight of a global catastrophe.

We’ll follow characters like Jenny Richards (Lucy Fleming), Abby Grant (Carolyn Seymour), and Greg Preston (Ian McCulloch), exploring their journeys through a devastated world. These characters were central to the show’s appeal, captivating and sometimes disturbing its audience. Jenny, the resilient Londoner; Abby, the suburban housewife turned survivor; and Greg, the pragmatic engineer – each brought a unique perspective to the narrative. Watching how these characters organised themselves in a lawless world was fascinating, and a stark reminder that sometimes, a killer virus isn’t the only Killer!!

Yes, the mood was one of gloom in “Survivors”, but for a young mind like mine at the time, this show had plenty of gore to keep me thoroughly entertained!

Did you love “Survivors,” especially the first series, as much as I did? How did it impact you back then, and what does it mean to you now? Did it make you ponder how to survive a rampant killer virus? If so, it’s always good to share that kind of intel, so get in touch.

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