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Summer in the 70’s

Photo by Michael D Beckwith on Unsplash

Welcome back to our podcast celebrating growing up in 1970’s Britain and the huge part that TV played in our lives. We’ve had lots of comments on our 70’s Sitcoms episode and we seem to have opened a can of worms as far as On the Buses is concerned. Whilst some listeners agreed with Oliver, who didn’t find it very amusing, there are lots of you who loved it. We remember the film spin offs, one of which beat The Godfather to No1 at the UK box office in 1971 and we’ve been reminded of the spin off show, Don’t Drink the Water featuring Blakey and his sister living as ex-pats in Spain – oh the hilarity.

We also take a look back at Summer holidays in the 1970’s. Whilst some pioneers headed off to Spain on package holidays, Oliver and his family stayed at home, enjoying the delights of cottages sourced from the small ads of the Church Times and the special programmes that the BBC laid on for children during the holidays. We remember Tin TinBelle and SebastianCasey Jones and, of course, The Flashing Blade.

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