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Quiz #5: The Answers

Hello, fellow 70’s TV enthusiasts! The wait is over, and it’s time to unveil the answers to the 5th episode of our nostalgic quiz. Let’s see how well you fared in this journey back to the iconic television era of the 1970s!

Spin the Wheel – TV Year 1974:

Question 1.1: In April 1974, the 19th Eurovision Song Contest was held in Brighton, hosted by the BBC and Katie Boyle – but who won and with what song?
Answer 1.1: ABBA with the song “Waterloo.”
Question 1.2: In June 1974, Jon Pertwee made his final appearance as Doctor Who but who replaced him in the role?
Answer 1.2: Tom Baker.
Question 1.3: The epic Second World War documentary series, The World at War concluded in 1974. Who was the narrator for the 26-part documentary?
Answer 1.3: Laurence Olivier.
Question 1.4: The often forgotten On the Buses spin-off “Don’t Drink the Water” appeared on ITV in July 1974 with lots of cheap jokes at the expense of foreigners. It was based on Blakey moving to Spain with his sister, but who played Blakey’s sister?
Answer 1.4: Pat Coombs.
Question 1.5: And finally, what was the most-watched TV show of 1974 with over 21m viewers tuning in on 7th April 1974
Answer 1.5: Love Thy Neighbour.

Marathon – Fil Rouge:

Question 2.1: In our latest episode, “The Life of Brian…Cant” as well as celebrating the great man’s life, we remembered the Trumpton Fire Brigade. What were the names of all the firemen?
Answer 2.1: Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grub, and Captain Flack.
Question 2.2: In our episode “Sporting Life” our guest Ross got a bit sidetracked and talked about a show which he remembered as being about “a boy, his dog, and lots of knitwear” – what was the show?
Answer 2.2: Belle and Sebastian.
Question 2.3: In “FAB Virgil: Thunderbirds are Go!” our look at the puppetry of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, we opened the show with the theme tune to one of their other shows – which one?
Answer 2.3: Stingray.
Question 2.4: We had Sooty as a guest on our episode about magic – what magic words did Sooty get us to say whenever he performed a trick?
Answer 2.4: Izzy Wizzy Let’s Get Busy!
Question 2.5: And while we’re on magic, in the same episode we remembered Bewitched which featured Samantha, an American suburban witch. What did she have to do to perform her magic?
Answer 2.5: Wiggle her nose.

Name That Tune – Shows that Started in 1972:

3.1: Van der Valk
3.2: The Adventures of Black Beauty
3.3: Sir Prancealot
3.4: The Black Arrow
3.5: Crown Court

TV Times Trivia:

Question 4.1: Where was the Crossroads Motel located?
Answer 4.1: Kings Oak.
Question 4.2: We used to get Billy Smart’s Circus imposed on us by the BBC every Christmas but who was the Ring Master most of the time it was televised in the 1970’s?
Answer 4.2: It was Norman Barrett, who remarkably is not only still alive but also still ringmastering occasionally!
Question 4.3: One of the early TV chefs, although she would probably have called herself a cook, was Fanny Craddock. But what was unusual about her relationship with her husband Johnnie?

Answer 4.3: They married bigamously in 1977. She thought that her previous husband had died but subsequently found out he was very much alive, and so the marriage was declared void.
Question 4.4: In our usual reference to Hannah Barbera cartoons, who was the telephone operator in Hong Kong Phooey?
Answer 4.4: Rosemary.
Question 4.5: In the lunchtime ITV show Pipkins, Hartley Hare was, well, a hare, Pig was a pig but what sort of animal was Topov?
Answer 4.5: A monkey.

Bonus Question:
Why did Kojak eat lollipops?
Answer: Because Telly Savalas was trying

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