The My 70’s TV Childhood Quiz #2 -The Questions

Hello and a very warm welcome back to another episode of The My 70's TV Childhood Quiz! I'm Oliver Colling, your host, and I'm thrilled to have you join us for another nostalgia-packed quiz. We're diving back into the golden era of 1970s British TV, so get ready to put your memory to the test. Let's Get Quizzing! Grab a pen and paper, settle down, and let's play! Round One: Spin the Wheel – The Year is 1971! Our wheel of fate has spoken, and we're traveling back to 1971! Ready?…

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Parky R.I.P.

Welcome to another edition of "My 70’s TV Childhood." This blog and our podcast celebrate the essence of growing up in 1970’s Britain, where television played a pivotal role in our lives. This week we wanted to honour the legendary TV chat show host, Michael Parkinson, who sadly passed away. While we join the nation in mourning this immense loss, it was so important to us to celebrate the indelible mark "Parky" left on British culture. Michael Parkinson was born in Cudworth, near Barnsley, on 28th March 1935. His parents, Jack…

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The My 70’s TV Childhood Quiz #1 – The Answers

Welcome to the First My 70s TV Childhood Quiz! Get ready to test your knowledge and reminisce about the iconic TV shows, historical events, and unforgettable moments that shaped our childhoods. This quiz extravaganza is here to add a touch of nostalgia to your podcast playlist. With an episode released every other week, alongside our regular fortnightly episodes. Get your pen and paper ready, as it's time to put your brain cells to the test. We've curated four rounds, with five questions that will challenge your knowledge of 70s TV and…

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