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Cup Final Day ๐Ÿ†

Welcome back to My 70’s TV Childhood! Today, we are returning to the excitement of the FA Cup Final days in the 1970s, a cherished ritual in British sports culture. Reflecting on those times, watching a live football match was a rare and special event. Unlike today’s constant stream of live games, the FA Cup Final was one of the few matches broadcast live.

The day’s TV schedule was designed to capture and build excitement from dawn to dusk. It kicked off with morning coverage, featuring live scenes from the team hotels, interviews with players and managers, and expert pre-match analysis. A particularly beloved feature was the Cup Final edition of “It’s A Knockout,” where teams linked to the finalists competed in playful, fun games, elevating the festive spirit of the day.

The centrepiece, of course, was the match itself, enveloped in ceremonial pomp and accompanied by live commentary and in-depth analysis, including the traditional hymn “Abide With Me,” sung just before kickoff. Post-match programming included a detailed breakdown of the game, replays of key moments, and discussions on the outcome’s impact on the sport. The evening would wrap with a full recap of the day’s highlights, ensuring the communal spirit of the event lingered well into the night.

In 1977, the electric atmosphere was palpable as my beloved Manchester United took to the field, culminating in a match that remains one of my most treasured sporting memoriesโ€”a true nail-biter that ended in a glorious victory. This wasn’t just a game; it was more important than that!

I’m eager to hear about your FA Cup Final memories. Did you gather with family, friends, or maybe at a local pub to watch? What was it like to experience the highs and lows of such a rare live match?

Join us next week for our 1970s TV trivia quiz and in a fortnight for more wonderful TV memories from My 70’s TV Childhood. Remember to like, rate, and review wherever you listen to podcasts, and share. Join us again soon for another nostalgic journey into the golden days of yesteryear.

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  1. Alan

    (further to earlier email)
    Just remembered that FA Cup Final programmes were available to buy from newsagents a couple of days before the game…..and my copy would be on the armchair throughout the match!

  2. Edward Shirley

    Thank you for this wonderful episode. As a Fulham fan since 1965 it always annoys me that people usually gloss over the 1975 final as if it never happened but for us, of course, it was a dream come true and I was so pleased that you gave it a few minutes. We have a record that can never be beaten as the final was our ninth FA Cup match that season, having needed four games to beat Hull City in the third round, four to beat Clough’s Forest in the fourth then two to get past The Blues in the semi-final. I believe the eventual winning team was the last all-English team to win the FA Cup. (Fulham had an Irish player so not sure if that would have counted!). By the way, the Tony Rees song you played was actually unofficial, the official team record sinking without trace. Rees’s original accent clearly wasn’t local and he referred to Ian in goal whereas our keeper was called Peter. (OK, I wouldn’t have expected you to include all that but thank you for not forgetting us!)

    1. Oliver

      Thanks for your kind words Edward – how could anyone forget Fulham of the mid-70s? Thanks for putting me right on โ€œViva El Fulhamโ€ – I just remember it being a really bizarre but annoyingly catchy football record.
      Sorry I wasnโ€™t up to date on the full Fulham lineup although I can still name the Manchester United teams for not the 1976 and 1977 finals!

  3. Edward Shirley

    Actually it was our twefth match. My maths let me down ๐Ÿ™‚

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