You are currently viewing Commercial Break 2: More 1970’s TV Ads

Commercial Break 2: More 1970’s TV Ads

Welcome back to the podcast celebrating growing up as a child in 1970’s Britain and the part TV played in our childhood. It seems like not all of our listeners agreed with Oliver’s choices of best TV ads of the 1970’s so we’re back with more commercials.

They still feature plenty of alcohol, cigars, food and cleaning products but a few elements of personal hygiene are added. Join Oliver in going back to Greenall Whitley Land, find out how Harp Lager can help you be a success with women and how a girl can bag an airline captain by using UltraBrite ToothpasteFry’s Turkish Delight is “full of Eastern promise” while Bounty is “the taste of Paradise.” And if, after all the eating, drinking and smoking your house smells a bit, why not do the Shake N’ Vac? It’s all you have to do!

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