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Comics, Death and Pipkins

Our latest podcast looks at the weekly ritual of having a comic delivered and how Pipkins brought the concept of death and dying to the under fives in the UK. 

I discuss my comic progression from Teddy Bear Weekly through Donald and Mickey to Shoot! via a few dalliances with Pippin, TV Comic and LookIn and remember the excitement of the comic landing on the doormat every week. I’m also joined by Stuart, one of our listeners from Wandsworth, to recall ITV‘s underrated programming for the under fives and, in particular, Pipkins who brought the concept of death and dying to the audience in a thoughtful and sensitive way almost ten years before Sesame Street gained plaudits for doing the same with the death of the much loved Mr Hooper.

I’d love to hear about your memories of Pipkins, Rainbow and other ITV lunchtime shows and also to share your comic progressions. You can share your comments below.

Thanks for listening!

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