Quiz #16: Results Time!

Hello  and welcome back to the My70s TV Childhood Quiz. In this episode, we delve into the nostalgia of 1970s Britain, exploring the pivotal role that television played in shaping our childhood memories. Our quiz consists of 20 questions spread across 4 rounds, each designed to test your knowledge of 1970s television and ignite fond recollections of the past. Round One - What's the Food? What was described as "central heating for kids" in an iconic advert?Answer: Ready Brek. Which Rowntree confectionery used the catchphrase "A man's gotta chew what a…

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Test Your 70s TV Knowledge: Quiz #16

Hello again, and welcome back to the My 70s TV Childhood Quiz. We are a quiz based on the immensely popular My 70s TV Childhood podcast, which looks back at what it was like to grow up as a child in 1970s Britain. And the important part that television played in our lives then.  As usual, our quiz will be 20 questions, spread over 4 rounds of 5 questions each, and will be based upon 1970s television, and some of the things we've mentioned in the 90 odd episodes of the…

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Quiz #15: Results Time!

Welcome back to "My 70s TV Childhood"! It's time to reveal the answers to this week's Quiz. Let’s find out how you did! Round One: Spin the Wheel - 1974 What was the drama set inside a women's prison called, which premiered on ITV on 4th January 1974? Answer: Within These Walls. The first episode of Rising Damp featured Rigsby, but what was his first name? Answer: Rupert. Why did BBC1 and BBC2 shut down programs at 10.30pm in early 1974? Answer: To save electricity as a result of the three-day…

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