Quiz #12 Results Time!

Greetings, TV time travellers! Oliver Colling here with the answers to our latest nostalgic foray with "My 70's TV Childhood" quiz. Let's find out how well you remember the details from the classics of British TV and those cherished moments from 1972's television scene. Round One: Stupid Boy - A Tribute to Ian Lavender and Dad's Army U Boat Captain Encounter: In the memorable Dad's Army episode, who played the U Boat captain? Philip Madoc The Last of the Main Cast: After Frank Williams' passing in 2022, which role was he…

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Test Your 70s TV Knowledge: Quiz #12

Welcome back to “My 70’s TV Childhood.” This week, we're paying homage to the unforgettable Ian Lavender and delving into some TV classics that have stood the test of time. Whether you're cozying up with your favourite brew or toasting with a nice BIG glass of Malbec,, get ready for a journey through the laughs and legacies of 1970s television—and as always, it's all in the spirit of fun! A special shout-out to our podcast family—your anecdotes and scores add so much to our community. Remember, it's not just about the…

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🌟 Remembering David Soul: A Cultural Icon 🌟

In this episode, we take a nostalgic journey back to the 1970s and fondly remember the late David Soul, a multi-talented artist who left an indelible mark as both a musician and actor during that iconic era. Born as David Solberg on August 28, 1943, in Chicago, Soul's upbringing was coloured by the diverse experiences of his family. His father was a Lutheran minister, leading the family to move frequently, including stints in Germany and Mexico. It was during his time in Mexico that David Soul discovered his passion for music.…

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