Quiz #22 Results Time!

This week, we've covered a variety of shows and topics spanning the 1970s, testing your nostalgia and memory. Were you able to keep Here's the updated blog post with your specified changes: Round One – Born on the 4th July Test your knowledge about these July 4th-born TV icons and the years they graced the world: Angela Baddeley, - Answer: 1904 Duncan Lamont - Answer: 1931 Colin Welland  - Answer: 1934 David "Kid" Jensen  - Answer: 1950 Ed Bernard - Answer: 1939 Round Two – Marathon - Fil Rouge Delving into…

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Test Your 70s TV Knowledge: Quiz #22

Hello, and welcome back to My 70s TV Childhood Quiz! We've reached our 22nd quiz show, and we're thrilled to have you join us again as we dive deeper into the golden era of 1970s television. As usual, our quiz will consist of four rounds with five questions each, drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of 1970s UK TV and the topics we've delved into across the six seasons of the My 70’s TV Childhood podcast. Today, we’re kicking off with the "Born on the Fourth of July" round—a celebration of…

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…and it’s Good Night From Him

Welcome back to My 70’s TV Childhood! We are a podcast dedicated to reminiscing about growing up in 1970s Britain and the special place television held in our lives. If you played with Sindy or Action Man, watched the Bay City Rollers in Shang a Lang, and wouldn't miss Scooby Doo for anything, you're in the right place for a dose of nostalgia. Thanks, as always, to everyone who has been in touch. After our recent episode marking the 50th anniversary of The Sweeney, many of you shared your fond memories…

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