Test Your 70s TV Knowledge: Join The My 70’s TV Childhood Quiz #7

Dive into the nostalgia of 1970s television with our exciting TV quiz. Test your knowledge on classics like Coronation Street and Dallas. Join now and relive the golden era of TV!Welcome, fellow time travellers and 70s TV enthusiasts, to the 7th edition of "The My 70’s TV Childhood Quiz"! Are you ready to challenge yourself with twenty brain-teasing questions about your favourite classic shows?Whether you're a seasoned quiz master or a first-time participant, prepare for a thrilling journey through the golden era of television. Grab a drink, your trusty paper and…

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Pies, Pints and Punchlines

Hello, fellow '70s time travellers, let's step into a time when working men's clubs stood as beacons of camaraderie and humour, offering solace with a side of satire. These clubs weren't mere venues; they were the cultural epicentres of their communities. People from all walks of life gathered, not just for entertainment, but for a sense of unity and an escape from daily hardships. The clubs were the unsung heroes behind the scenes, cultivating the careers of artists who would become national treasures, such as Morecambe and Wise. Television programmes like…

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Quiz 6 : The Answers

The moment you've all been waiting for, it's time for the grand reveal... the Answers! Let’s Go… Round One: Spin the Wheel - TV Year 1977 Question 1.1: In March 1977, ITV launched its epic biblical series 'Jesus of Nazareth,' but who played the title role? Answer: Robert Powell Question 1.2: In April 1977, an episode of 'This is your Life' had a remarkable 22.22 million viewers. Who was the subject in Eamon Andrews's big red book? Answer: Lord Mountbatten Question 1.3: Still on viewing figures, how many people were estimated…

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