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In this episode of the podcast celebrating growing up in the UK in the 1970’s and the part television played in our childhood, we look at the power of music and how classic theme tunes can bring back great memories.

One of our listeners, Mark from Wiltshire, who is a big noise in the music business, takes over the show and shares his personal 70’s TV Childhood and the music that accompanied it.  After Morecambe and Wise perform with Andre Preview, we go back to Liverpool and The Onedin Line, remember the Double Deckers in their big red London bus, Crown CourtGrange Hill and Eye Level, the unforgettable theme to Van der Valk. You can catch up on the music Mark discusses by visiting Spotify and searching for the playlist My 70’s TV Childhood Soundtrack.

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  1. Mark Azzopardi

    Thanks for another great episode, Oliver. Mark’s thoughts on TV themes brought back some nice memories. I also liked the Van Der Valk theme. A few of my favorite themes were Thriller, by Laurie Johnson, probably one of the creepiest themes and title sequences for a 70s show, The Champions, by Tony Hatch, and Dr Who. These themes were among the first I really took note of. On a related matter, I recall my parents buying me one of Geoff Love’s TV Theme albums when I was about 10, and I used to play that record all the time.

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