Knockin’ on Doors, Opening Windows: It’s The Sunday Gang!

Photo by John Price on Unsplash Like many other things we've discussed in this podcast, Sundays were a bit different in the 1970's. Shops were all closed, pubs only open for a few hours, if at all and the TV schedules had a range of religious programming including the BBC's Songs of Praise and ITV's slightly glitzier Stars on Sunday. There were also religious programmes for children.We're joined by the writer, broadcaster and popular culture expert Tim Worthington this week to discuss growing up in Liverpool and what television meant to him and his family. We…

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Swap Shop or Tiswas?

Does your choice of Saturday morning TV shape your future life? In Swap Shop or Tiswas? we look at how the BBC and ITV targeted their young audiences. Did you side with Noel Edmonds and Maggie Philbin or did you prefer Chris Tarrant and the lovely Sally James? And why did groups of office workers from Dudley volunteer to be locked in a cage to be "flanned" by the Phantom Flan Flinger and have buckets of water thrown over them by Chris Tarrant? In this episode of My 70's TV Childhood, we also look back to Magpie with those trendy long haired blokes Mick Robertson and Tommy…

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Remember You’re a Womble!

Photo by Amy Burgess on UnsplashThis week, we go back to 1973 when not only did Oliver move house for the first time but we also met The Wombles of Wimbledon Common who first graced our screens in February of that year. We also pay tribute to the great Bernard Cribbins, relive his success as a popstar, Jackanory host and generally all round good thing and ask why he hasn't received a knighthood yet.We also reflect on whether The Wombles really were "a furry anvil around my neck" for Mike Batt or whether he should have been a bit…

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