That Was a Public Information Film

This episode of the podcast celebrating growing up in Britain during the 1970's and the part television played in our lives looks at Public Information Films. These government sponsored short films were effective, sometimes horrific and always effective. Our host Oliver counts down his Top 10 which includes warnings of danger in the most unexpected places, Rolf Harris telling us to learn to swim and the technology behind TV detector vans. He's joined by a listener to consider the impact of Jo and Petunia and the Tufty Club on 70's children and whether the Establishment used these films to…

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Sporting Life

Welcome back to the podcast celebrating growing up in the 1970's and the TV we enjoyed in our childhoods. Today I'm joined by our listener Ross from Kingston to talk about sport on TV in the 1970's. Ross is a Sports Media Executive, so ideally placed to compare our sporting memories of the 1970's to the immersive and comprehensive coverage we enjoy today. Spoiler alert: it wasn't like that in the 70's! We look at football and remember what a big deal FA Cup Final day was with the whole TV day given over to the game and,…

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Saturday Night’s All Right

This episode looks at Saturday night television and how I and my family watched it together. We share happy memories of The Pink Panther Show, Basil Brush and Bruce Forsyth and The Generation Game and less happy memories of the variety shows that formed part of Saturday's schedules. We are transported from Warrington to California with Starsky and Hutch, remember 3-2-1 and Dusty Bin and consider whether my family was the only one to have the same thing for Saturday supper every single week? Share your comments at 

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