You are currently viewing Will it get a laugh? Remembering Bob Monkhouse with Colin Edmonds

Will it get a laugh? Remembering Bob Monkhouse with Colin Edmonds

Hello, and welcome back to “My 70s TV Childhood.” Today, we have a poignant episode as we remember the great Bob Monkhouse, who left us 20 years ago this week. A titan of TV during our childhood, Bob graced shows like “The Golden Shot,” “Celebrity Squares,” and “Sunday Nights at the London Palladium.” His unique charm and wit captured our hearts and left an indelible mark.

To honour Bob’s legacy, we’re thrilled to be joined by Bob’s joke writer Colin Edmonds. Colin, who started writing jokes at 16, boasts a career spanning 40 years in television, working with luminaries like Sir Roger Moore and Michael Caine. Colin’s anecdotes provide a window into the life and genius of Bob, showcasing the depth of his character and the breadth of his influence.

We explore Colin’s journey in the world of comedy and television. He shares his beginnings, inspired by radio comedies and variety shows, and his experiences working with Bob. These stories are not just about laughter but also about the creativity, dedication, and heart behind the humour.

We invite you to join in this celebration of Bob’s life and work. Share your own memories and thoughts about Bob Monkhouse with us. You can email your stories to

For more fascinating insights, listen to Colin’s podcast “Behind the Scenes.” And don’t miss out on this week’s special edition where Colin converses with Abigail Monkhouse.

Thank you for being part of this special tribute. As we say goodbye to 2023, enjoy the holiday season with heartwarming TV classics, and stay tuned for more from “My 70s TV Childhood” coming in 2024.

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Wishing you all a Happy New Year. Take care, and see you soon for more journeys into the past with “My 70s TV Childhood.”

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