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I was inspired to start the podcast by endless conversations with friends of mine of a similar vintage who grew up in Britain during the 1970’s. It’s popular to have a pop at the decade “that taste forgot” and, with hindsight, dressing us all up in various shades of orange, brown and beige might seem like a minor form of child cruelty, but it was the decade when those of us born in the mid to late 60’s grew up. We didn’t know that the country was on its knees economically and that its industrial might was in terminal decline, we were just kids growing up and having fun as we did.

As well as providing a space to reminisce about growing up in the 1970’s, the podcast and this blog give me a chance to talk about television, which seemed to be ever present in those times. Cast your mind back – three channels, no 24 hour broadcasting and millions of us watching programmes in black and white. Sounds terrible doesn’t it? But television in the 1970’s was unique in bringing the nation together and the audience ratings for popular shows have rarely been matched in subsequent years.

I hope you enjoy the podcasts and please, feel free to leave comments on the show or on whatever you’d like to discuss. I need you and your memories to make this work.

Thanks for listening and come back soon!

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  1. Ermintrude

    Sounds exciting – I’m looking forward to hearing more. Hope to see lots about The Magic Roundabout!

  2. Derek Bowen

    Just stumbled on to your website and podcast after searching for info on Shep from Blue Peter, we became human parents to a awesome border collie that we have named Shep after the famous John Noakes side kick.

    Actually one of my first memories of television was not even at home, but was at school when we had programming during the day.

    Anyhow, looking forward to listening and reliving memories of TV when I was a kid.


    1. Oliver

      Hello Derek,
      Thanks for your comment and sharing your memory. So pleased you managed to find us via Shep!
      Hope you have the same chemistry with your Shep as John had with his. Enjoy listening!
      All the best,

      1. Stu

        A general comment but I think the podcast is great, despite not being born until 1975,I hold the era in high regard

        How about an episode on Crossroads & Coronation Street from the 70s

        Keep the episodes coming

        1. Oliver

          Stu, many thanks for your comments and, of course, for listening. I’m really pleased you are enjoying the podcast and thanks for the suggestion on Crossroads and Coronation Street – strangely that is exactly the subject of our next episode. You must be a mind reader!

          All the best, Oliver

  3. Andrea

    Just found your podcast today and have binged! Just wanted to tell you how very much I am enjoying it. Thank you so much for dedicating your time to bringing us this these palpable memories.

    1. Oliver

      Hello Andrea – thank you for your kind words and, of course, for listening. I’m so pleased you’re enjoying the podcast.
      All the best, Oliver

  4. Dawn

    Have just left you an e-mail.

    Maybe you can also talk about what ‘snacks and sweets’ you ate watching tv – do you remember CRESTA – its frothy man!

    And how many flavours of crisp do you recall!

    Keep the awesome vlog coming!

    Dawn from rural Cyprus.

    1. Oliver Colling

      Thanks Dawn,

      So glad you’re enjoying listening and from such a lovely part of the world as well! Thanks for the ideas on food – lots of people have mentioned food as a big part of their childhood memories, so let’s see what we can do to include that in a future episode. Of course I remember Cresta and the polar bear on the label and ads and I used to save up my change from the bus to school to get the latest flavour crisps – happy days!

      All the best,


  5. Ian Belfield

    Hi Oliver,
    Been meaning to share some views for ages, but I’m the King of Procrastination!
    It’s thanks to the Radio Times who recommended some time ago – that I became aware of your Podcast.
    At first I just skipped to my favourite shows, eg. Likely Lads, sitcoms in general, detective shows (Sat eve!), children’s shows & particularly sports etc.
    However, having just lucked out with a Voluntary Retirement package (I’m a 1964 vintage from Rayleigh, Southend), I embarked on a ‘project’ to decorate my bedroom & pretty soon I was listening to all the shows – inc the likes of Sci-Fi which Dr Who aside, wasn’t really my thing – but I find the shows so companionable, the tone so relaxed & happy (reflecting the my 70s childhood that was so lucky to have enjoyed) – and the perfect accompaniment to decorating chores!
    Finally, 2 shows from me that I’m not sure have been mentioned, but that I wondered if anyone remembers/has any views:
    1. Striker – a teatime show about a talented young teenage footballer (from Yorks, I recall?) – don’t remember loads but he sported a blue shirt in the style of Crystal Palace with a diagonal stripe; in truth, it wasn’t quite as good as I’d hoped, but I couldn’t wait for each episode anyway!
    2, Billy Liar – not to be confused with the 60s film, this was a standard 30m sitcom – on ITV I think – starring Jeff Rawle (can’t believe I remember Jeff’s name!). I loved the book (which I read later in truth) & film’s concept, eg. being ‘told off’ by authority whilst imagining them lined up against a wall to be shot! Again, I loved it but don’t recall it really getting any traction?…
    Anyway, sorry to have gone on – my first blog, maybe should’ve emailed?! – anyway I hope I’ve not been too gushing, but they really do make for a pleasurable half hour or so, many thanks Oliver! Ian

    1. Oliver

      Hi Ian,
      Thanks for your kind words and for getting in touch. I’m so glad you’ve found the podcast and are enjoying it – hopefully makes the decorating fly by!

      Thanks for sharing your memories. I remember the Billy Liar series very well as I was a bit of a dreamer too as a young child and those imaginary sequences were very funny. I had completely forgotten about Striker so thanks for jogging my memory. I seem to remember a subplot about a great girl footballer and how they tried to get her onto the team but perhaps I dreamt that?

      Great to have you listening and do keep letting me know what you think of the podcast.

      All the best,


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