You are currently viewing Title: Revealed: Answers to The My 70’s TV Childhood Quiz #7 – Test Your Knowledge!

Title: Revealed: Answers to The My 70’s TV Childhood Quiz #7 – Test Your Knowledge!

Curious about the correct answers to our 70s TV quiz?  It’s time to unveil the answers. Let’s see how well you remembered those iconic TV moments from the 1970s!

Round One: Soap Suds

Question: In which fictional city is Coronation Street set?

Answer: Weatherfield

Question: Peggy Skilbeck was the daughter of Annie Sugden on Emmerdale. What were her two brothers called?

Answer: Jack and Joe Sugden

Question: In Dallas, first broadcast in the UK in 1978, who was the father of Cliff Barnes and his sister Pam, who was married to Bobby Ewing?

Answer: Willard “Digger” Barnes

Question: Still on Dallas, what was the name of the spin-off from the show which featured Gary and Valene Ewing?

Answer: Knots Landing

Question: And back to Coronation Street; in 1978, Alf Roberts married the owner of the corner shop. What was her name?

Answer: Renee Bradshaw

Marathon: Fil Rouge

Question: In March 2021, we released an episode called “I Do Have a Wooden Heart” where I interviewed Tim Worthington who had been traumatised by an adaptation of which famous fairy tale?

Answer: Pinocchio

Question: Our episode “Get Down Shep!” featured Blue Peter and looked back at the Blue Peter book for 1973. What recipe did John Noakes suggest you made for The Royal Wedding of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Philips?

Answer: Scone Pizza

Question: Which football team do I support?

Answer: Manchester United (for my sins!!) 

Question: “Grow, Grow the Lightning Tree” was the theme music to which TV show we featured in an episode of the same name?

Answer: Follifoot

Question: What was the name of the Australian soap opera set in the Albert Memorial Hospital which started in the late ’70s?

Answer: The Young Doctors

Name That Tune from 1973

Tune # 1: Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads?

Tune # 2 : Man About the House

Tune # 3: Billy Liar

Tune #4: Are You Being Served?

Tune #5: New Faces

TV Times

Question: Which cartoon series featured Tom Bosley as an ordinary American man living with his family in an American suburb? As a clue, the next-door neighbour was obsessed with communists.

Answer: Wait Till Your Father Gets Home

Question: What was the name of the ITV children’s show hosted by Michael Bentine?

Answer: Potty Time

Question: What time did the Trumpton clock strike at the beginning of every episode?

Answer: 9:00

Question: Who was the regular presenter of “Crackerjack!” before Ed ‘Stewpot’ Stewart?

Answer: Michael Aspel

Question: And finally, who wrote “The Phoenix and the Carpet” which was made into a wonderful TV serial adaptation first shown in 1976?

Answer: E. Nesbit

Bonus Question

Question: “Which of these presenters was not a regular host of the BBC’s Sportsnight midweek sport programme during the 1970s:

a) Tony Gubba

b) Frank Bough

c) David Coleman

d) Harry Carpenter”

Answer: b) Frank Bough

How did you fare in our journey back to the 1970s TV era? Whether you’re a trivia champion or just discovered something new, we hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane. Share your scores, thoughts, or any fun memories this quiz sparked at We love hearing from our listeners!

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