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Time to Test Your 70s TV Knowledge!

Quiz #10 : The Questions

Welcome back to “My 70s TV Childhood Quiz,” where nostalgia meets knowledge. In this first quiz of 2024, we’re returning with a fresh set of 20 questions spread over four rounds, each comprising five carefully crafted questions.

These rounds are designed to explore various aspects of 1970s TV, from iconic shows and memorable characters to famous tunes and general trivia. So, grab a pen and paper, a nice glass of soft drink (it’s January after all), and turn those thinking hats to the “ON” position.

Remember, it’s just for fun!

Round One: Spin the Wheel – 1979


      1. What was the final Cheeky Scouse Girl Comedy Show that ended on 5th January 1979?

      1. Name the show starring a wealthy smoothie in Europe, last aired on 11th March 1979?

      1. Which game show, hosted by Bob Monkhouse, had its final episode on 7th July 1979?

      1. Who were Eric Sykes’ two main co-stars in his show from 1972-1979?

      1. Identify the sitcom spin-off from “Man About the House” that ended on Christmas Day 1979?

    Round Two: Podcast Flashback


        1. In Mr. Ben’s first adventure, what costume did he wear?

        1. What was the name of the spacecraft in “Space 1999”?

        1. Who narrated the animated series “Mary, Mungo, and Midge”?

        1. Name the characters in “The Banana Splits,” and their corresponding animal types.

        1. In “The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin,” what was the name of Reggie’s boss?

      Round Three: Name That Tune

      You are going to have to tune into the My70sTVChildhood podcast for this!

      Round Four: General Trivia


          1. Who hosted the Royal Variety Performance in 1976?

          1. Which ITV Children’s Show debuted in January 2024?

          1. Name the Blue Peter Tortoise of the 1970s.

          1. Who starred as Claudius in “I, Claudius”?

          1. In what year was “Starsky and Hutch” first shown on British TV?

        Bonus Question:

        What was the significant change to ITV programming during the 1970 strike?

        How did you fare? Are you a 70s TV trivia champion, or are you none the wiser? Share your experiences and scores with us – we’d love to hear from you! Just reach out at Don’t forget to share your thoughts and comments on our social media platforms; your interaction keeps the spirit of 70s TV alive!

        And remember, the main show is set to return next week. Stay tuned for our next quiz in two weeks’ time when the answer to the bonus question will be revealed. And if you can’t wait that long, check out this blog this Friday, the 19th of January, when the answer will be revealed.

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