You are currently viewing The Quiz #3, -The My 70’s TV Childhood Quiz – The Answers

The Quiz #3, -The My 70’s TV Childhood Quiz – The Answers

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to another episode of The My 70’s TV Childhood Quiz. How did you fare on our latest quiz? Let’s find out the answers!

Round One: Spin the Wheel – The Year is 1979!

Question 1.1: The Dukes of Hazard roared onto UK screens in March 1979 with Bo and Luke getting the better of Boss Hogg and Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane. But what was the name of their car?
Answer 1.1: General Lee.

Question 1.2: In July, ITV launched a new science fiction series starring David McCallum and Joanna Lumley. What was it called?
Answer 1.2: Sapphire and Steel.

Question 1.3: In the Summer of 1979, ITV showed a 13 part drama called The Mallens, based on Catherine Cookson’s series of novels. What physical feature was inherited by the Mallen men?
Answer 1.3: The Mallen Streak which was a stripe of white hair.

Question 1.4: Which cheeky Scouse female comedy broadcast its final episode in January 1979?
Answer 1.4: The Liver Birds.

Question 1.5: Another science fiction one for you now. In October and November, ITV showed a four-part serial, The Quatermass Conclusion. This was the fourth and final Quatermass adaptation shown on UK TV, but who played Professor Bernard Quatermass in this version?
Answer 1.5: John Mills.

Round Two: Fil Rouge
Question 2.1: In our last episode on It Ain’t Half Hot Mum, what was the name of the 1930’s song I remembered vividly from the episode featuring a floating stage on a river? Answer 2.1: By a Waterfall.

Question 2.2: In our episode Out of Africa – Tarzan and Daktari, we were disappointed to learn that neither was filmed in Africa. Where was Daktari mainly filmed?
Answer 2.2: Rather disappointingly, in Los Angeles.

Question 2.3: In one of our early episodes, I revealed that my early obsession with the telephone. What TV inspired phrase did I answer the phone with at the age of three or four? Answer 2.3: Hello, Trumpton Fire Station, Captain Flack speaking. Yes, right away, right away.

Question 2.4: When was our first episode released?
Answer 2.4: September 2020 which means we are three years old. Hurrah!

Question 2.5: Who were “Knockin’ on doors” and “openin’ windows” in our episode of the same name from February 2021?
Answer 2.5: The Sunday Gang.

Round Three: Name That Tune
Answer 3.1: Screen Test.
Answer 3.2: Banana Splits.
Answer 3.3: Big John, Little John.
Answer 3.4: Magpie.
Answer 3.5: The Tomorrow People.

Round Four: TV Times
Question 4.1: In which year were Des O’Connor, Robin Day, and Diana Rigg the guest stars on the Morecambe and Wise Christmas Show?
Answer 4.1: 1975.

Question 4.2: In 1975, the spoof pop group The Rutles, created by Eric Idle and Neil Innes, first appeared on which BBC2 comedy show?
Answer 4.2: Rutland Weekend Television.

Question 4.3: In the Sunday night lorry and haulage drama The Brothers. What was the name of the family?
Answer 4.3: The Hammond Family.

Question 4.4: Who comes after Mary and Mungo?
Answer 4.4: Midge.

Question 4.5: According to the 1970’s advert, which confectionery can you eat between meals without ruining your appetite?
Answer 4.5: Milky Way.

Bonus Question
Which child star who appeared in the Oscar-winning film How Green Was My Valley in 1941 went on to star in two of my favourite Saturday early evening shows Planet of the Apes and The Fantastic Journey?
Answer: Roddy McDowell.

That’s all for now. Join us again next week for our next regular episode and in a fortnight for our next quiz. Thanks for listening, don’t forget to like, rate, and review us wherever you get your podcasts and to join us again soon for more from My 70’s TV Childhood and The My 70’s TV Childhood Quiz.

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