You are currently viewing Quiz #2: My 70’s TV Childhood – The Questions?

Quiz #2: My 70’s TV Childhood – The Questions?

Hello and a very warm welcome back to another episode of The My 70’s TV Childhood Quiz! I’m Oliver Colling, your host, and I’m thrilled to have you join us for another nostalgia-packed quiz. We’re diving back into the golden era of 1970s British TV, so get ready to put your memory to the test.

Let’s Get Quizzing!

Grab a pen and paper, settle down, and let’s play!

Round One: Spin the Wheel – The Year is 1971!

Our wheel of fate has spoken, and we’re traveling back to 1971! Ready? Let’s go!

  1. The Two Ronnies made their debut in April of this year and ran until 1987. What was their sign-off exchange at the end of every episode?
  2. One of my Saturday teatime favourites, Alias Smith and Jones, was first shown in the UK in 1971. What were Smith and Jones’ real names behind the aliases?
  3. On the 7th of June 1971, the Blue Peter team buried a time capsule in the Blue Peter Garden. When was it due to be opened?
  4. Lord Brett Sinclair and Danny Wilde teamed up for the first time in 1971. But what were they known as?
  5. In music, Dave Edmunds’ “I Hear You Knockin'” was the Christmas Number One in 1970 and stayed there for the first week of 1971. What was the first new number 1 single in the charts in 1971?

Round Two: Fil Rouge

  1. In our episode “Animal Magic,” we looked back at the animal fun we had with Johnny Morris. What other BBC show used the Animal Magic theme tune?
  2. In our episode “Five Minute Marvels,” who lived next door to Kiki the Frog?
  3. PC McGarry was the policeman in Camberwick Green. What was his service number?
  4. We looked back at “Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads?” last October. What were the names of the Likely Lads? (Both first and surnames, please.)
  5. Our episode “God Save the Queen” wasn’t about punk but remembered 1977. What gift did I and all my schoolmates get to celebrate the Queen’s Silver Jubilee?

Round Three Questions – Tom O’Connor
(You’ll have to listen to the show for this round.)

Round Four: TV Times

  1. American ventriloquist Shari Lewis was popular in the ’70s. What was the name of her most famous companion?
  2. What basketball team was always on the losing side when the Harlem Globetrotters appeared on UK TV?
  3. In Thunderbirds, which two members of the Tracey family took turns being in space on Thunderbird 5?
  4. Valley of the Dinosaurs told the story of the Butler family who were transported to a prehistoric world. Which river were they on when their boat overturned?
  5. Who drove the Boulder Mobile in Wacky Races?

Bonus Question
In our “Name That Tune” round, what does the answer to the second question, the Georgian House, have in common with “Here Come the Double Decker’s,” “Please Sir,” and the Reggae band Aswad?

Time for the Bonus Question and Answers from the Last Show!
Bonus Question: The Mike Reid Conundrum

1975 was a memorable year for many reasons, but one standout moment was the debut of Runaround, hosted by everyone’s favourite Cockney geezer, Mike Reid. An interesting choice for a children’s game show host, Mike Reid was known for his boisterous style, often shouting at the young contestants as they scrambled to place their coloured balls into the correct tubes.
In the spirit of Runaround, let’s have a bonus question that’s all about Mike Reid. I’m going to give you three facts about him, but here’s the twist: one of these facts is not true. Can you spot the false statement?

The Facts Are:
a: He had a number one UK hit single
b: He introduced the famous bare-knuckle boxer Lenny McLean, aka The Guvnor, to acting and helped get him a part in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
c: He was president of Chelmsford City Football Club

The Answer
A: He did have a hit single with “The Ugly Duckling,” but it didn’t get to number one; it only reached as high as number 10.

How Did You Do?
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Thank you for joining us for another episode of The My 70’s TV Childhood Quiz! We’ll be back with our regular podcast episode next week and another quiz in a fortnight. Don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and review us wherever you get your podcasts. Until next time, keep those ’70s memories alive!

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