You are currently viewing The My 70’s TV Childhood Quiz #2 – The Answers Revealed!

The My 70’s TV Childhood Quiz #2 – The Answers Revealed!

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to The My 70’s TV Childhood Quiz. How did you fare on our latest quiz? Let’s find out the answers!

Round One: Spin the Wheel – The Year is 1971!

Question 1.1: What was the sign-off exchange at the end of every episode of The Two Ronnies?
Answer 1.1: “So it’s goodnight from me… And it’s goodnight from him. Goodnight!”
Question 1.2: What were Smith and Jones’ real names behind the aliases in Alias Smith and Jones?
Answer 1.2: Kid Curry and Hannibal Hayes.
Question 1.3: When was the Blue Peter time capsule due to be opened?
Answer 1.3: The year 2000.
Question 1.4: What were Lord Brett Sinclair and Danny Wilde known as?
Answer 1.4: The Persuaders.
Question 1.5: What was the first new number 1 single in the charts in 1971?
Answer 1.5: “Grandad” by Clive James.

Round Two: Fil Rouge

Question 2.1: What other BBC show used the Animal Magic theme tune?
Answer 2.1: W1A.
Question 2.2: Who lived next door to Kiki the Frog?
Answer 2.2: Hector (and ZsaZsa the cat).
Question 2.3: What was PC McGarry’s service number in Camberwick Green?
Answer 2.3: 452.
Question 2.4: What were the names of the Likely Lads?
Answer 2.4: Terry Collier and Bob Ferris.
Question 2.5: What gift did everyone get to celebrate the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977?
Answer 2.5: A Jubilee Crown coin.

Round Three: Name That Tube

Question 3.1: What show featured the theme song “Return of the Saint”?
Answer 3.1: “Return of the Saint.”
Question 3.2: Which show had the characters Noah and Nelly?
Answer 3.2: “Noah and Nelly.”
Question 3.3: What show had the setting “The Georgian House”?
Answer 3.3: “The Georgian House.”
Question 3.4: Which shows used the theme songs “Grange Hill” and “Give Us A Clue”?
Answer 3.4: “Grange Hill” and “Give Us A Clue.”

Round Four: TV Times

Question 4.1: What was the name of American ventriloquist Shari Lewis’s most famous companion?
Answer 4.1: Lambchop.
Question 4.2: What basketball team was always on the losing side when the Harlem Globetrotters appeared on UK TV?
Answer 4.2: The Washington Generals.
Question 4.3: In Thunderbirds, which two members of the Tracey family took turns being in space on Thunderbird 5?
Answer 4.3: John and Allan Tracey.
Question 4.4: In Valley of the Dinosaurs, which river were the Butler family on when their boat overturned?
Answer 4.4: The Amazon.
Question 4.5: Who drove the Boulder Mobile in Wacky Races?
Answer 4.5: The Slag Brothers, Rock and Gravel.

Bonus Question

Question: What has the answer to the second question, the Georgian House, got in common with Here Come The Double Deckers, Please Sir, and the Reggae band Aswad?

Bonus Answer
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