You are currently viewing Test Your 70s TV Knowledge: Join The My 70’s TV Childhood Quiz #7

Test Your 70s TV Knowledge: Join The My 70’s TV Childhood Quiz #7

Dive into the nostalgia of 1970s television with our exciting TV quiz. Test your knowledge on classics like Coronation Street and Dallas. Join now and relive the golden era of TV!
Welcome, fellow time travellers and 70s TV enthusiasts, to the 7th edition of “The My 70’s TV Childhood Quiz”! Are you ready to challenge yourself with twenty brain-teasing questions about your favourite classic shows?
Whether you’re a seasoned quiz master or a first-time participant, prepare for a thrilling journey through the golden era of television. Grab a drink, your trusty paper and pen, and let’s dive into the world of 1970s TV!
In our all-new round, Soap Suds, we’ll explore the captivating world of soap operas, from the iconic Coronation Street to the dramatic tales of Dallas. Meanwhile, our Fil Rouge round will transport us back in time, with questions linked to past podcast episodes. Don’t worry if you’re new here; your educated guesses might just surprise you.
Of course, we can’t forget our beloved classics, Name That Tune and TV Times. Plus, we have a bonus challenge that will really test your knowledge of 1970s TV.
Are you up for the challenge? Join us and see how well you remember the TV shows that defined a decade!
And if you’re eager to uncover the answer to the bonus question, check out our blog at on Friday, the 17th of November, or tune in to the next quiz episode in two weeks’ time.
Our main show will be back next week, delving even deeper into the brilliant TV stories from the 1970s. If you’re enjoying the quiz and our podcast, please take a moment to rate, review, and, most importantly, share it with your friends. Your reviews help others discover the joys of 70s TV!
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Until next time, take care and keep reliving the unforgettable moments of 70s television!

Round One: Soap Suds
Question: On the cobbled streets of which fictional city does the drama of ‘Coronation Street’ unfold?
Question: Peggy Skilbeck, the daughter of Annie Sugden on ‘Emmerdale’, had two brothers. Can you name them?
Question: ‘Dallas’, first hitting UK screens in 1978, revealed the father of Cliff Barnes and his sister Pam, who married Bobby Ewing. Who was he?
Question: ‘Dallas’ spawned a spin-off featuring Gary and Valene Ewing. What was the title of this series?
Question: In 1978 on ‘Coronation Street’, Alf Roberts married the owner of the corner shop. What is her name?

Marathon: Fil Rouge
Question: In our March 2021 episode titled ‘I Do Have a Wooden Heart’, which haunting fairy tale adaptation was discussed by Tim Worthington?
Question: The ‘Get Down Shep!’ episode revisited the 1973 Blue Peter book. What recipe did John Noakes recommend for Princess Anne and Captain Mark Philips’s Royal Wedding?
Question: As mentioned in the podcast, which football team do I support?
Question: ‘Grow, Grow the Lightning Tree’ serenaded which TV show, as discussed in our episode of the same name?
Question: What was the name of the late 70’s Australian soap opera set in the Albert Memorial Hospital?

Name That Tune
Tune into The My 70’s TV Childhood podcast for this round!

TV Times
Question: Tom Bosley voiced an ordinary American man in which cartoon series, noted for a communist-obsessed neighbour?
Question: Michael Bentine hosted which whimsical ITV children’s show?
Question: The Trumpton clock famously struck a particular time at the start of every episode. What time was it?
Question: Before Ed ‘Stewpot’ Stewart, who presented the lively ‘Crackerjack!’?
Question: Who penned ‘The Phoenix and the Carpet,’ which was adapted into a TV serial first shown in 1976?

Bonus Question
Which of these presenters was not a regular host of the BBC’s Sportsnight midweek sport programme during the 1970’s:
a) Tony Gubba
b) Frank Bough
c) David Coleman
d) Harry Carpenter

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