Fantasy Island and The Love Boat

A Portal to 70s Escapism 🏝️ As I sit here on this calm Sunday afternoon, my mind drifts back to the unique and unhurried Sundays of our childhood. Those days were a harmonious mix of family time, comforting routines, and the iconic TV shows. This week, I want to take you on a voyage with two remarkable shows that graced our screens – 'Fantasy Island' and 'The Love Boat', both offering gateways to worlds of escapism and glamour, far removed from our everyday lives in the UK. 'Fantasy Island', with the…

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Celebrating 60 Years of Time Travel – The Doctor Who Special

Welcome to this special blog post dedicated to commemorating the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who, a journey that started on BBC One on November 23, 1963. Doctor Who was not just a TV show; it was a Saturday evening ritual in the '60s, '70s, and '80s. I vividly recall being glued to our black and white television, rented from Radio Rentals, every Saturday, immersed in the adventures of the Doctor. The absence of catch-up TV or streaming services back then meant that watching Doctor Who was a live, communal experience –…

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Pies, Pints and Punchlines

Hello, fellow '70s time travellers, let's step into a time when working men's clubs stood as beacons of camaraderie and humour, offering solace with a side of satire. These clubs weren't mere venues; they were the cultural epicentres of their communities. People from all walks of life gathered, not just for entertainment, but for a sense of unity and an escape from daily hardships. The clubs were the unsung heroes behind the scenes, cultivating the careers of artists who would become national treasures, such as Morecambe and Wise. Television programmes like…

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