You are currently viewing Quiz #4: My 70’s TV Childhood – The Answers

Quiz #4: My 70’s TV Childhood – The Answers

Your patience is about to be rewarded as we unveil the answers to this week’s quiz. So, buckle up, and let’s see how well you fared in recalling the iconic moments of 1970s television!

Spin the Wheel – TV Year 1978:

1.1 Who graced the first episode of ITV’s popular “An Audience with…” series launched in January this year?

Answer 1.1: The comedic genius, Jasper Carrott, was the first to entertain in this iconic series.

1.2 On January 2nd, 1978, which science fiction series made its debut on BBC?

Answer 1.2: The enigmatic universe of “Blake’s 7” captivated audiences from the very first episode.

1.3 Can you name the TV show that captivated 21.15 million viewers on Christmas Eve?

Answer 1.3: “The Sale of the Century” was the show that glimmered brightest on that festive night.

1.4 Which live programme attracted 18 million viewers on the evening of 16th November 1978?

Answer 1.4: The dazzling “Miss World 1978,” with Miss Argentina, Silvana Suarez, stealing the show.

1.5 July 1978 saw the end of which BBC variety show after 30 glorious years on air?

Answer 1.5: The unforgettable “The Black and White Minstrel Show” bid us farewell.

Marathon – Fil Rouge:

2.1 Who was the very friendly lion we talked about in our episode Five Minute Marvels?

Answer 2.1: Parsley, the lovable lion, still roars in our memories.

2.2 In “Remember you’re a Womble”, which furry accessory did Mike Batt compare the Wombles to?

Answer 2.2: The Wombles were likened to a furry anvil around his neck.

2.3 Who made up my favourite line-up of Blue Peter presenters, as discussed in our episode Get Down Shep?

Answer 2.3: Valerie Singleton, Peter Purves, John Noakes, and Lesley Judd made the unforgettable team.

2.4 Can you recall the name of the commanding officer at Pippin Fort from our episode on Camberwick Green, Trumpton, and Chigley?

Answer 2.4: Captain Snort led the charge with unmatched valour.

2.5 In “Here is the News”, which Nationwide presenter did I compare to my primary school headmaster?

Answer 2.5: Michael Barrett held that esteemed comparison.

Name That Tune:

Answer 3.1: Ivor the Engine

Answer 3.2: The Protectors

Answer 3.3: Vision On

Answer 3.4: Not on Your Nellie

Answer 3.5: Citizen Smith

TV Times:

4.1 Which comedian was known for creating comic effects using reflections in a shop window?

Answer 4.1: The legendary Harry Worth.

4.2 Who portrayed Sam McCloud in the detective series McCloud?

Answer 4.2: Dennis Weaver brought the iconic character to life.

4.3 Can you name the bear who was “smarter than the average bear?”

Answer 4.3: Yogi Bear, the picnic basket-stealing legend.

4.4 What was the name of the Royal Navy frigate in the BBC naval drama Warship?

Answer 4.4: HMS Hero sailed the fictional seas.

4.5 Who played the slightly irascible Roman Catholic priest, Father Charles Clement Duddleswell, in Bless Me Father?

Answer 4.5: Arthur Lowe delivered a memorable performance.

Bonus Question:

In 1975, ITV introduced us to Rory the Lion, Bongo the Dog, Boots the tiger, and Twang the Monkey from the planet Popland. Can you remember the name of this show?

Bonus Answer: Animal Kwackers

We hope you enjoyed this nostalgic journey! Share your scores and thoughts at, and you might just get a shoutout in our next episode! Stay tuned for more trips down memory lane.

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