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Quiz #21: Results Time

Hello, I’m Oliver Colling, and welcome back to the 21st edition of the My 70’s TV Childhood Quiz!

This week, we’ve covered a variety of shows and topics spanning the 1970s, testing your nostalgia and memory. Were you able to keep up with the trivia, or did it stump you? Let’s get on with the  answers and see how well you did!

Round One – Odd One Out

1.Love Thy Neighbour Surnames

  • Question: Which of these was not the surname of one of the main families in “Love Thy Neighbour”?
    • A – Reynolds
    • B – Grady
    • C – Booth
  • Answer: B – Grady

2. Chigley Characters

  • Question: Which one of these Chigley characters doesn’t work for Lord Belborough at Winkstead Hall?
    • A – Mr Brackett
    • B – Mr Bilton
    • C – Mr Farthing
  • Answer: C – Mr Farthing; he was a potter in the village

3: The Waltons Family Members

  • Question: Which of these was a member of the Walton family in “The Waltons”?
    • A – Zebulon Walton
    • B – Zacchariah Walton
    • C – Zeke Walton
  • Answer: A – Zebulon Walton – he was Grandpa Walton

4: Fred Basset Voice Actors

  • Question: In 1976, the BBC showed an animated version of the long-running cartoon strip “Fred Basset.” Which of these actors didn’t provide voices to the series?
    • A – Lionel Jeffries
    • B – Victor Spinetti
    • C – Bernard Cribbins
  • Answer: C – Bernard Cribbins

5: Bod Episodes

  • Question: Our most recent episode featured the very strange cartoon series “Bod.” Which of the following was not the title of one of the thirteen episodes made?
    • A – Bod and the Dog
    • B – Bod and the Farm
    • C – Bod and Breakfast
  • Answer: B – Bod and the Farm

Round Two – Marathon Fil Rouge

1: The Adventures of Rupert Bear

  • Question: In March 2024, we looked at The Adventures of Rupert Bear. Where does Rupert live?
  • Answer: Nutwood

2: It Ain’t Half Hot Mum

  • Question: We remembered “It Ain’t Half Hot Mum” in an episode from September 2023. The show’s title comes from the contents of a letter home written by one of the characters in the opening episode. Which one?
  • Answer: Gunner Parkinson

3: Porridge Location

  • Question: In November 2022 we looked back at Porridge and its sequel Going Straight. Which prison was Porridge set in?
  • Answer: HMP Slade

4: The Tomorrow People

  • Question: In “The Tomorrow People” featured in April this year, what was the name of the sentient computer the group relied upon?
  • Answer: TIM

5: Top of the Form Host

  • Question: Way back in April 2021 we looked at 70’s quiz shows including school swat challenge show “Top of the Form.” Who was the host of “Top of the Form” between 1962 and 1975 and also the voice of the odds in “Winner Takes All?”
  • Answer: Geoffrey Wheeler

Round Three – Name That Tune (1979)

  1. Life on Earth
  2. The Danedyke Mystery
  3. Battle of the Planets
  4. Dick Barton
  5. Testament of Youth

Round Four – TV Times

1: Trumpton Characters

  • Question: What was the name of the flower seller in Trumpton?
  • Answer: Mrs Cobbit

2: Callan Actor

  • Question: Who played Callan, the Secret Service agent and assassin in the TV show of the same name?
  • Answer: Edward Woodward

3: Noggin the Nog Episodes

  • Question: Although made in the late fifties and sixties, Noggin the Nog was still a big favourite of mine in the 1970’s. How many episodes were made?
  • Answer: 30

4: The Herbs Narrator

  • Question: Who was the narrator of BBC’s children’s show “The Herbs”?
  • Answer: Gordon Rollings

5: The Omega Factor

  • Question: What was the name of the BBC show broadcast in 1979 featuring Tom Crane, a journalist who reports on supernatural and unexplained events?
  • Answer: The Omega Factor

Bonus Question

The Feathered Serpent

  • Question: “The Feathered Serpent” shown on ITV between 1976 and 1978 had a reputation as one of the most bloodthirsty, violent children’s programmes ever shown. But where was it set?
  • Answer: Ancient Mexico in the Time of the Aztecs

Thank you for joining in on this trip down memory lane! If you have any 70s TV memories or scores to share, or if you know the answer to our bonus question, email us at We’re eager to hear from you!

Stay tuned for more quizzes and episodes from My 70’s TV Childhood. Don’t forget to like, rate, and review us wherever you listen to podcasts. See you next time!

Take care.

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