You are currently viewing Quiz #16: Results Time!

Quiz #16: Results Time!

Hello  and welcome back to the My70s TV Childhood Quiz. In this episode, we delve into the nostalgia of 1970s Britain, exploring the pivotal role that television played in shaping our childhood memories. Our quiz consists of 20 questions spread across 4 rounds, each designed to test your knowledge of 1970s television and ignite fond recollections of the past.

Round One – What’s the Food?

  1. What was described as “central heating for kids” in an iconic advert?
    Answer: Ready Brek.
  2. Which Rowntree confectionery used the catchphrase “A man’s gotta chew what a man’s gotta chew”?
    Answer: Toffo.
  3. Who warned us with the famous catchphrase “Watch out, watch out, there’s a Humphrey about”?
    Answer: United Dairies.
  4. Which brand produced “canny crisps” in the 1970s?
    Answer: Tudor crisps.
  5. Finish the line: “If you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit, join…”
    Answer: Our club.

Round Two – Marathon or Fil Rouge

  1. In the episode “It’ll Never Catch On” from September 2023, Tomorrow’s World predicted the opening of which major infrastructure project?
    Answer: The Channel Tunnel, slated for 1980.
  2. Which US cop show, mentioned in our episode from April 2022, began with a telephone answering machine taking a message?
    Answer: The Rockford Files.
  3. Name the commanders of Shadow in UFO and Moonbase Alpha in Space 1999.
    Answer: Ed Straker and John Koenig.
  4. Before becoming famous, David Soul appeared on TV as a masked singer?
    Answer: The Covered Man.
  5. In the episode “The Eagle’s Nest” from July 2023, what sinister group did the monks on the remote island belong to?
    Answer: Nazis hiding to establish the Fourth Reich.

Round Three:Name That Tune

  1. Logan’s Run
  2. Hazel
  3. The Incredible Hulk
  4. Rings on Their Fingers
  5. Butterflies

Round Four: TV Times

  1. Who were the two renowned stars of the sitcom “You’re Only Young Twice”?

Answer: Peggy Mount and Pat Coombs.

  1. Which BBC sitcom centred around a suburban married couple in “Happy Ever After”? Who portrayed the couple?

  Answer: Terry Scott and June Whitfield.

  1. Which TV show was notable for featuring a skateboarding duck?

Answer: Nationwide.

  1. What was the alter ego of Diana Prince in the iconic TV show?

Answer: Wonder Woman.

  1. In the documentary “Living in the Past,” where did the volunteers reside? Which historical period did their living conditions resemble?

Answer: The volunteers lived in an Iron Age village, simulating life during the Iron Age.

That concludes another edition of our quiz. We hope you enjoyed the challenge and the trip down memory lane. Don’t forget to join us for the next episode of our podcast and quiz. Until then, take care and keep reminiscing about the golden era of television.

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