You are currently viewing Quiz #14: Results Time!

Quiz #14: Results Time!

Welcome back to “My 70s TV Childhood”! Let’s uncover the answers to Quiz #14. 

Round One: March Hares

  1. At 11.18 am, we have Picture Box, Granada’s film segment show. But who was the host of the show? Answer: Alan Rothwell
  2. At 3.10 pm, we have an all-women chat show featuring a range of guests. What was the name of this 1970’s version of “Loose Women”? Answer: Houseparty
  3. At 4.40 pm, we have the television version of one of our favourite cartoon characters who started life as a cartoon strip in the Daily Express. Who was it? Answer: Rupert Bear in The Adventures of Rupert Bear
  4. The evening schedule includes Crossroads, Coronation Street, and World in Action as well as a very popular talent show. What was its name? And I mean that most sincerely… Answer: Opportunity Knocks
  5. And at 9.00 pm, we have an episode of a drama starring Rosalind Ayres and Tony Melody. What was it called? And as a clue, it shares a name with a more modern Australian soap opera. Answer: Home and Away

Marathon – Fil Rouge

  1. In our special edition between Christmas and New Year, we had a lovely chat with Colin Edmonds, who was the main joke writer for which well-loved comedian? Answer: Bob Monkhouse
  2. In our episode “This is the news,” we mentioned the space correspondent who regularly appeared on John Craven’s Newsround. What was he called? Answer: Reg Turnill
  3. In May last year, we featured The Waltons and Happy Days in an episode. What was the surname of the main family featured in Happy Days? Answer: Cunningham
  4. In March 2021, we looked back at Animal Magic. Where was Johnny Morris a zookeeper in the show? Answer: Bristol Zoo
  5. Our episode “Grow grow the Lightning Tree” featured lots of animals, especially horses. What breed of horses featured in the oft-repeated holiday programme “The White Horses”? Answer: Lipizzaner horses

Round Three: Name That Tune & Spin the Wheel – 1979

  1. Mr Benn
  2. Alias Smith and Jones
  3. Dave Allen at large
  4. The Partridge Family
  5. Budgie

TV Times:

  1. Which comedian appeared regularly on various TV shows doing his “broken microphone” act? Answer: Norman Collier
  2. Which TV show featured a group of telepathic children who could transport themselves to different places using a technique called “jaunting”? Answer: The Tomorrow People
  3. In “Some Mother’s Do Ave’Em,” what was the name of Frank and Betty Spencer’s daughter? Answer: Jessica
  4. Which annual live show was disrupted by a gang of women throwing flour bombs in 1970? Answer: Miss World
  5. In the still controversial show “Love thy Neighbour,” Eddie Booth and Bill Reynolds were the warring neighbours. But what were their wives called? Answer: Joan Booth and Barbie Reynolds

Bonus Question:

The Rovers Return in Coronation Street must be one of the most famous fictional pubs on TV. During the 1970’s, it had lots of barmaids behind the counter including Betty Turpin, Bet Lynch, and Blanche Hunt, Deidre Langton’s mum. There were also a few regular barmen, but one of them worked in the pub for eight years. What was the character’s name and, for a bonus answer bonus point, who was the actor who played him? Answer: Fred Gee played by Fred Feast

How did you fare this week?  Are you cock a hoop with delight, or are you down in the dumps?   We hope you enjoyed testing your knowledge and reminiscing about the iconic shows and characters. Share your quiz scores and any cherished memories that this quiz may have sparked!

Stay tuned for more quizzes, and memories from My 70s TV Childhood!

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