You are currently viewing Quiz #12 Results Time!

Quiz #12 Results Time!

Greetings, TV time travellers! Oliver Colling here with the answers to our latest nostalgic foray with “My 70’s TV Childhood” quiz. Let’s find out how well you remember the details from the classics of British TV and those cherished moments from 1972’s television scene.

Round One: Stupid Boy – A Tribute to Ian Lavender and Dad’s Army

  1. U Boat Captain Encounter: In the memorable Dad’s Army episode, who played the U Boat captain? Philip Madoc
  2. The Last of the Main Cast: After Frank Williams’ passing in 2022, which role was he famous for in Dad’s Army? The Vicar, Reverend Timothy Farthing
  3. A Mother’s Name: What was Private Pike’s mother’s first name in Dad’s Army? Mavis
  4. An Unusual Allergy: What was Pike allergic to, which prevented him from being conscripted? Corned Beef
  5. Ever-Present Actors: Besides Ian Lavender, which two other actors appeared in every episode of Dad’s Army? Arnold Ridley and John Laurie

Round Two: Marathon – Fil Rouge

  1. Missing Christmas Mystery: Why did I miss Christmas completely in 1976? I had glandular fever
  2. Mythical Encounters: Which mythical creature did Steve Austin meet in The Six Million Dollar Man? Bigfoot
  3. Sydney Hospital Drama: What was the name of the drama set in the Albert Memorial Hospital we discussed? The Young Doctors
  4. Antiques Expert Memory: Who was the antiques expert featured in Going For A Song? Arthur Negus
  5. Butler Battle: What were the names of the butlers in Upstairs Downstairs and Downton Abbey? Mr Hudson and Mr Carson

Round Three: Name That Tune – 1972

  1. Rainbow
  2. Weekend World
  3. Crystal Tipps and Alistair
  4. Arthur of the Britons
  5. Are You Being Served?

Round Four: TV Times

  1. Record Breakers’ Record Holders: What were the names of the twin brothers who created the Guinness Book of Records? Ross and Norris McWhirter
  2. Soup Dragon’s Home: Which show featured the Soup Dragon? The Clangers
  3. Geordie Drama Duo: Who played Jessie Ashton in When the Boat Comes In? Susan Jameson
  4. Comedy Writing Disaster: Who was the famous TV comedy writer behind Birds in the Bush? David Croft (without Jimmy Perry) – and it was a disaster
  5. Storytelling Runner-Up: Who appeared in 69 episodes of Jackanory to be in second place? Kenneth Williams

Bonus Question

Animated Manager Identity: In the Hanna Barbera animated version of The Harlem Globetrotters, what was the name of the team’s manager who also drove the team bus and looked after Dribbles? Granny

How did you fare on this week’s  trip down  memory lane? Did you score as highly as you thought, or has this quiz added new classic TV facts to your arsenal?

We’d love for you to share your results and any thoughts or memories that this quiz has sparked. Your engagement keeps the spirit of our 70s TV nostalgia alive!

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