Remember You’re a Womble!

Photo by Amy Burgess on UnsplashThis week, we go back to 1973 when not only did Oliver move house for the first time but we also met The Wombles of Wimbledon Common who first graced our screens in February of that year. We also pay tribute to the great Bernard Cribbins, relive his success as a popstar, Jackanory host and generally all round good thing and ask why he hasn't received a knighthood yet.We also reflect on whether The Wombles really were "a furry anvil around my neck" for Mike Batt or whether he should have been a bit…

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Commercial Break: TV Ads of the 1970’s

Photo by Andreas M on Unsplash  We continue our new season of the podcast dedicated to celebrating growing up in Britain in the 1970's and the part that TV played in our lives then by looking at what came between our favourite TV shows - the adverts. From Oliver's memories it seems like Britain spent the 1970's getting drunk, smoking and eating sweets and chocolates before buying lots of household cleaning products, presumably to clear up the mess. In his personal Top 10, our host remembers national stereotypes portrayed in ads…

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New Episode: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Photo by Simon Hattinga Verschure Welcome back to the second season of the podcast which celebrates growing up in Britain during the 1970's and the central part TV played in our lives.In Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid, we ask why so many 1970's programme makers and broadcasters seemed to have got the skill of inspiring terror in a generation of children down to a fine art. As well as revisiting the Public Information Films Dark Water and The Finishing Line, we remember Dr Who, Children of the Stones and The Changes…

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