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My 70’s TV Childhood Christmas Quiz- The Questions🎄

Welcome back to our festive edition of the My 70’s TV Childhood quiz. As we edge closer to Christmas, we’re infusing our questions with the tinsel-tinted nostalgia of the 1970s. So, why not get comfy in your favourite Christmas jumper, grab a pen and paper, a box of orange-flavoured Matchmakers, a little drink, and settle down for a trip down memory lane?

Round One: Christmas Spin the Wheel – 1974

  1. Who interviewed Morecambe and Wise in lieu of a new Christmas show in 1974?
  2. What was the big film shown on ITV after the Queen’s Speech in 1974, known for its regular Christmas airings?
  3. Who co-hosted the live Christmas program from The National Children’s Home at Harpenden in 1974, featuring Basil Brush and Michael Crawford?
  4. What song from “Laurel and Hardy’s Way Out West,” shown on BBC1, later reached number 2 in the UK charts?
  5. What program followed the Queen’s Speech broadcast on BBC1 in 1974?

Round Two: Christmas Number Ones

  1. What was the Christmas Number One song in 1976?
  2. What was the Christmas Number One song in 1973?
  3. What was the Christmas Number One song in 1978?
  4. What was the Christmas Number One song in 1970?
  5. What was the Christmas Number One song in 1971?

Round Three: TV Times – Double Edition

  1. Which body provided the series of science lectures shown every year on the BBC during the 70s?
  2. Who authored the original story on which the 1976 Christmas ghost story “The Signal-Man” was based?
  3. Which folk group hosted a Christmas Day show in the 1970s?
  4. What was the traditional warm-up show before the Queen’s Speech on BBC1?
  5. What was the title of the show made up of excerpts from Walt Disney films, traditionally aired on bank holidays?
  6. What was ITV’s top-rated show for Christmas in 1971?
  7. What did the Blue Peter appeal ask viewers to send in in 1973?
  8. Which comedy series finale attracted over 18 million viewers on Christmas Day 1979?
  9. Who starred as Billy, Robinson Crusoe’s lesser-known brother, in the BBC’s 1970 Christmas pantomime?
  10. In the Morecambe and Wise sketch with Andre Previn, which musical piece was Eric trying to play?

Bonus Question

What was my favourite Christmas present ever?

A) Action Man

b) Subbuteo

c) Train Station

Hope you enjoyed this festive trip down memory lane!

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