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My 70’s TV Childhood Christmas Quiz – The Answers

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for – the answers to our My 70’s TV Childhood Christmas Quiz!

Round One: Christmas Spin the Wheel – 1974

Question 1: On Christmas Day 1974, Morecambe and Wise were not featured in a new show but were interviewed instead. Who was the interviewer?

Answer: Michael Parkinson

Question 2: After the Queen’s Speech on ITV in 1974, which big film, regularly shown around Christmas, was broadcast?

Answer: Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines

Question 3: Who co-hosted the live programme from The National Children’s Home at Harpenden on BBC1, featuring Basil Brush and Michael Crawford?

Answer: Michael Aspel and Rolf Harris

Question 4: What was the song from “Laurel and Hardy in Way Out West,” which later reached number 2 in the UK charts?

Answer: “Trail of the Lonesome Pine” (or “In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia”)

Question 5: What program followed the Queen’s Speech broadcast on BBC1?

Answer: Billy Smart’s Christmas Circus

Round Two: Christmas Number Ones

Question 1: What was the Christmas Number One song in 1976?

Answer: “When a Child is Born” – Johnny Mathis

Question 2: What was the Christmas Number One song in 1973?

Answer: “Merry Xmas Everybody” – Slade

Question 3: What was the Christmas Number One song in 1978?

Answer: “Mary’s Boy Child” – Boney M

Question 4: What was the Christmas Number One song in 1970?

Answer: “I Hear You Knocking” – Dave Edmunds

Question 5: What was the Christmas Number One song in 1971?

Answer: “Ernie (The Fastest Milkman in the West)” – Benny Hill

Round Three: TV Times – Double Edition

Question 1: Which body provided the series of science lectures shown every year on the BBC?

Answer: The Royal Institution

Question 2: Who authored the original story on which the 1976 Christmas ghost story “The Signal-Man” was based?

Answer: Charles Dickens

Question 3: Which folk group hosted a Christmas Day show in the 1970s?

Answer: The Spinners

Question 4: What was the traditional warm-up show before the Queen’s Speech on BBC1 in the 1970s?

Answer: Top of the Pops

Question 5: What was the title of the show made up of excerpts from Walt Disney films, traditionally aired on bank holidays?

Answer: Disney Time

Question 6: What was ITV’s top-rated show for Christmas in 1971?

Answer: Carry On Christmas

Question 7: What did the Blue Peter appeal ask viewers to send in in 1973?

Answer: Used postage stamps

Question 8: Which comedy series finale attracted over 18 million viewers on Christmas Day 1979?

Answer: To the Manor Born

Question 9: Who starred as Billy, Robinson Crusoe’s lesser-known brother, in the BBC’s 1970 Christmas pantomime?

Answer: Ken Dodd (and the Diddymen)

Question 10: In the Morecambe and Wise sketch with Andre Previn, which musical piece was Eric trying to play?

Answer: Grieg’s Piano Concerto

Bonus Question

What was my favourite Christmas present ever?

Answer: b) Subbuteo

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A quick reminder: the main show will be back next week with our Christmas special!

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