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Ground Floor: Perfumery, Stationery and Leather Goods

In this episode of the podcast celebrating growing up as a child in 1970’s Britain and the central part TV played in our lives then, we hark back to what it was like to go shopping in the 1970’s. Shops only open during the day, half day closing and no online options. Our host remembers the difficult choice of what sweets to buy with his threepenny bit and asks whether the milkmen of the North West were involved in organised crime.

We recall the great old department stores and inevitably that leads us to Are You Being Served? the classic 70’s sitcom which brought us the great ensemble cast responsible for over a decade of slapstick, sight gags and innuendo. From Captain PeacockMr Humphries and Mr Lucas to Miss BrahmsMrs Slocombe and, yes, her pussy, we remember how these characters cheered us up in difficult times.

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