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Welcome back to the podcast which provides a safe space for those who grew up in 1970’s Britain to discuss their childhood’s and the role that television played inn their lives. There’s nothing here about how great the 60’s were or how difficult it is to be a Millennial – no, it’s just plain old childhood nostalgia with a 70’s twist.

Our host Oliver has been watching the BBC show Ghosts and has come to a startling revelation – he has seen it all before, but better. We remember Rentaghost and The Ghosts of Motley Hall and how they both, in their different ways, left a mark on our generation.

Was it right that Fred Mumford pretended to be still alive to his parents when he was actually a ghost and how did he ever think Rentaghost would make any money, given he was useless at everything? We laugh with jester Timothy Claypole and once you think of it, the signature tune will be going around your head for a week. In The Ghosts of Motley Hall we remember a stellar cast delivering a more thoughtful, cerebral ghostly comedy which was also funny.

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