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Get Down Shep!

Welcome back to the podcast where it’s OK to have worn orange and beige as a child and where the 1970’s is celebrated rather than derided. We celebrate growing up in Britain during the 1970’s and the central part TV played in our lives.

In this episode, we start to look ahead to Christmas and wonder how we ever got away with hanging highly flammable paper Christmas decorations from the ceiling at school, what was the right tone of your letter to Santa and what annuals you wanted in your stocking.

Having recently discovered the Blue Peter Book from 1974 in his collection, our host Oliver uses it to remember what the hugely popular show was like and his own classic line up of presenters: Valerie Singleton, Peter Purves, Lesley Judd and the wonderful John Noakes. We look back on the Blue Peter pets, speculate on what happened to all the postage stamps we sent in for the Christmas Appeal and try to make things with sticky backed plastic.

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  1. Sue Ward

    As I recall Lesley Judd left Blue Peter to nurse her husband who had contracted MS.

    I didn’t realise scone pizza was a BP recipe! My mum used to make throughout the 70s -‘s 80s and I started making it. About 20 years ago for my children though I had to resurrect the recipe from memory. It might look disgusting but it’s actually lovely hot or cold – especially if you use cheese scone as the base!

  2. Sue Ward

    The comment about Prince Anne’s wedding reminds me that Blue Peter produced a special book about Princess Anne and Val Singleton’s trip to Kenya. My friends and I later used the order of service from the Royal wedding commutative book to marry ourselves to our favourite TV heroes. The three of were Melody, Rhapsody and Harmony (the female fighter pilots from Captain Scarlet). My friends married Captains Scarlet and Captain Blue while I married Captain Crane from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea!

  3. Sue Ward

    Apologies for typos in the above! Actually making cheese scones while trying to type coherently on an iPhone that likes making random autocorrects!

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