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Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe!

A warm welcome back to the podcast which remembers what it was like to grow up as a child in 70’s Britain and the central role that television played in our society.

This episode has been recorded by your host Oliver whilst he is on holiday in Jersey which gives an excellent link to a discussion on Bergerac. But before we get too carried away with thoughts of John Nettles, the Bureau des Etranges and Diamond Lil’s nightclub it appears that Bergerac was a child of the 1980’s so not a valid subject, although it feels like it should be…

Instead we look back at how the BBC filled the holiday TV schedules with 1930’s cinema serials. Paul from South Wales joins us as we look back at Flash GordonBuck Rogers and the early TV versions of Superman and Batman and look forward to the rejuvenation of Buck Rogers in 1979.

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