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Fantasy Island and The Love Boat

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As I sit here on this calm Sunday afternoon, my mind drifts back to the unique and unhurried Sundays of our childhood. Those days were a harmonious mix of family time, comforting routines, and the iconic TV shows.

This week, I want to take you on a voyage with two remarkable shows that graced our screens – ‘Fantasy Island’ and ‘The Love Boat’, both offering gateways to worlds of escapism and glamour, far removed from our everyday lives in the UK.

‘Fantasy Island’, with the enigmatic Mr. Roarke, played by Ricardo Montalban, and his spirited sidekick Tattoo, portrayed by Hervé Villechaize, was a realm where dreams were realised, often with unexpected twists. Each guest arrived with a wish, like the schoolteacher who fantasised about being a sultan in a harem!!! The island was a stage for human dramas, unfolding desires and moral dilemmas, making us ponder the true essence of our wishes.

Equally captivating was ‘The Love Boat’, a series that set sail on the seas of romance and whimsy. Under the guidance of Captain Merrill Stubing, played by Gavin MacLeod, and his vibrant crew, the MS Pacific Princess was more than a cruise ship; it was a vessel for love and laughter. Each voyage brought together a medley of passengers, with stories ranging from lost loves rekindling their flames to new relationships blossoming amidst the ocean’s backdrop. The ship was a microcosm of life’s journey, where each episode promised new beginnings or poignant goodbyes, leaving us with heartwarming tales and life lessons.

Do you remember those cosy afternoons, the aroma of Sunday roast lingering in the air, as we got lost in afternoon television adventures.I’d love to hear your memories of how ‘Fantasy Island’ and ‘The Love Boat’ were part of your 70s experience. Share your stories with me at, or on our blog at

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Until our next trip down memory lane.

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