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Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Quiz Special

As we slip through the vortex of time and hear the familiar sounds of the TARDIS, we’re whisked away to celebrate an extraordinary milestone—the 60th anniversary of “Doctor Who.” To pay homage to this legendary series, we’re excited to present a special edition of the “My 70’s TV Childhood” quiz, shining a spotlight on the Doctor’s extraordinary adventures throughout the 1970s.

So, gather ’round, Whovians—sonic screwdrivers in hand and K9 at your side—as we embark on an interstellar journey into the timey-wimey trivia of “Doctor Who.”

Round One: The Expert’s Questions

Our beloved experts have emerged from the woodwork of time, bringing forth a series of mind-bending questions sure to challenge the most ardent of fans.

  1. From Geoff and Paul at WHO Corner to Corner Podcast: In “The Daemons,” what pseudonym did the Master adopt?
  1. From Steven Czepanski at Radio Free Skaro: Can you identify which 1970s’ “Doctor Who” director also took the reins for “The Sweeney”?
  1. From Mark Cockram at Doctor Who: All Of Time And Space: During his Earthly exile, the Doctor was the scientific advisor to UNIT—but what does UNIT stand for?
  1. From James McLean at Kasterborous Classic TV: Which celebrated British sci-fi series was nodded to in “Destiny of the Daleks’ ‘ through a book by Oolon Caluphid?
  1. From Christian Cawley at Kasterborous Classic TV: Among Bessie the Roadster, The Whomobile, and The Time Lush, which did not belong to the Third Doctor?
  1. From Keith Miles at Traveling the Vortex Podcast: What role did John Pertwee’s Doctor play within UNIT?
  1. From Glenn Bartlett at Traveling the Vortex Podcast: Which 1973 story marked the debut of Sarah Jane Smith?
  1. From Shaun Collins at Traveling the Vortex Podcast: Identify the one story where the Doctor soared through time solo, without a companion.
  1. From Aidan Green at The 50% Doctor Who Podcast: In which Season 12 story did Tom Baker’s Doctor take a tumble that led to a broken collarbone?

Round Two: The Adversaries

  1. The Doctor has thwarted many a foe, but which nemeses from the 1970s left us hiding behind the sofa?
  1. Which invaders disguised themselves as shop window mannequins?
  1. The Silurians, ancient cave-dwelling reptiles, had aquatic kin—who were they?
  1. What was the distinctly non-realistic creature that marked Jon Pertwee’s final battle?
  1. In which tale did the Doctor and Leela confront Magnus Greel, the faux Chinese deity?
  1. Who schemed from a lighthouse in “The Horror of Fang Rock,” plotting Earth’s use in their conflict against the Sontarans?
  1. How many of Tom Baker’s stories featured the menacing Cybermen?

Round Three: TV Times

For our final round, we step into the general trivia realm, with a special focus on “Doctor Who.”

  1. Who commanded UNIT with a steadfast hand?
  1. Which of the Doctor’s companions walked down the aisle with Tom Baker in reality?
  1. In the tales of Peladon, who was the ambassador with the singular eye atop their frame?
  1. Who served as the Daleks’ Neanderthal-like underlings in “Day of the Daleks”?
  1. At what age did we tragically lose Roger Delgado, the first Master?

Bonus Question

In a true test of Whovian mettle, can you deduce how many “Doctor Who” episodes premiered in the 1970s? We’ll accept answers within a ten-episode leeway.

A heartfelt thanks to our expert contributors for their time-travelling queries:

  • Geoff and Paul from WHO Corner to Corner: Link
  • Steven Schapansky from Radio Free Skaro: Link
  • Mark Cockram from All Of Time And Space: Link
  • Christian and James from Kasterborous: Link 
  • Keith, Shaun, and Glenn from Traveling the Vortex: Link
  • Aidan from The 50% Doctor Who Podcast: Link

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Until our paths converge again in the vastness of time and space, look after yourselves and revel in the joy of time travel!


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