You are currently viewing Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Quiz Special: The Answers Revealed

Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Quiz Special: The Answers Revealed

Welcome back to the TARDIS for the answers segment of our Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Quiz! We challenged you with some tough questions posed by our esteemed Whovian experts, and now it’s time to see how well you’ve done. So let’s not keep the answers locked in the Pandorica any longer—here they are!

Round One: The Expert’s Questions

Question 1: What was the Master’s fake name in the episode “The Demons”?

Answer: Mr. Magister. Geoff and Paul from the Corner to Corner Podcast surely started us off with a tricky one!

Question 2: Which of these four directors of 1970’s Doctor Who also directed episodes of The Sweeney?

Answer: Douglas Camfield. Thanks to Steven Czepanski from Radio Free Skaro for this piece of directorial trivia.

Question 3: In the 1970s, when the Doctor was exiled on Earth, he became the scientific advisor to the military organisation UNIT. What does UNIT stand for?

Answer: United Nations Intelligence Taskforce. A salute to Mark Cockram from Doctor Who: All Of Time And Space for testing our acronym knowledge.

Question 4: In the television episode “Destiny of the Daleks,” Tom Baker’s Doctor is seen reading a book by Oolon Caluphid. To which famous British sci-fi series did this book belong?

Answer: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. James McLean from Kasterborous Classic TV gave us a fun crossover to ponder.

Question 5: Which of these was not an earthbound vehicle of the 3rd Doctor – Bessie the Roadster, The Whomobile, or The Time Lush?

Answer: The Time Lush. A bit of a trick question from Christian Cawley from Kasterborous Classic TV, but true fans would know the 3rd Doctor loved his vehicles!

Question 6: In the early 1970s, John Pertwee’s Doctor fought aliens alongside the military organisation UNIT. What was his role?

Answer: The Doctor was UNIT’s Scientific Advisor. Keith Miles from Traveling the Vortex Podcast had us digging through the Doctor’s resume for that one.

Question 7: Elizabeth Sladen played Sarah Jane Smith, the Doctor’s companion in both the Third and Fourth Doctor eras. In which 1973 story was Sarah Jane introduced?

Answer: “The Time Warrior.” Glenn Bartlett from Traveling the Vortex Podcast reminded us of the debut of a beloved character.

Question 8: Throughout Classic Who, there has only ever been one story in which the Doctor travelled without a companion. Which Doctor and which story was it?

Answer: The Fourth Doctor in “The Deadly Assassin.” Shaun Collins from Traveling the Vortex Podcast had us combing through the annals of the Doctor’s solo adventures.

Question 9: Tom Baker debuted in Doctor Who’s Season 12. In which of these stories did Baker have a fall that resulted in him breaking his collarbone?

Answer: “The Sontaran Experiment.” A painful piece of trivia courtesy of Aidan Green from The 50% Doctor Who Podcast.

Round Two: The Adversaries

Who were the aliens who attacked the earth by posing as shop window mannequins?

Answer: The Autons. These plastic nightmares made quite the impression.

The Silurians were cave dwelling reptilians who were mistakenly left in suspended animation for millennia. Who were their slightly damp cousins?

Answer: The Sea Devils. Another terrifying chapter from the Doctor’s rogues’ gallery.

Jon Pertwee’s last adversaries as Doctor Who were a group of not very realistic looking what?

Answer: Giant spiders. Definitely not the cuddly kind.

Which Doctor Who serial pits the Doctor and his assistant Leela against the time traveller Magnus Greel who is pretending to be a Chinese god in 19th century London?

Answer: “The Talons of Weng Chiang.” A Victorian adventure that’s a fan favorite.

In “The Horror of Fang Rock,” which alien adversaries are planning to use earth as a base for a war against their mortal enemies, The Sontarans?

Answer: The Rutan. A glowing, tentacled menace indeed.

And finally, how many stories of Tom Baker’s Doctor featured the Cybermen?

Answer: Only one. “The Revenge of the Cybermen.” Sometimes, once is enough!

Round Three: TV Times

What was the name of the commander of UNIT?

Answer: Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart. The Brigadier was as much a fixture as the Doctor himself.

Which of Dr Who’s assistants ended up marrying Tom Baker in real life?

Answer: Lalla Ward, aka Romana the second. A match made on Gallifrey.

In “The Curse of Peladon” and “The Monster of Peladon,” what was the name of the friendly ambassador who was basically a giant eye on top of a body?

Answer: Alpha Centauri. A character as unique as its name suggests.

In “Day of the Daleks,” what were the neanderthal like creatures who worked as the Daleks’ henchmen?

Answer: The Ogrons. Brute strength meets limited intellect.

The Master played by Roger Delgado remains a vivid memory for many. How old was he at the time of his tragic accident in 1973?

Answer: 55. Gone too soon, the original Master left an indelible mark on the series.

Bonus Question

How many episodes of Dr Who were aired for the first time in the 1970s?

Answer: 270. That’s a lot of Saturday evenings spent travelling through time and space!

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