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Coming Soon: The My 70’s TV Childhood Quiz!

Hey there, fellow 70’s TV fans! 📺 I have some thrilling news for you! We have created a brand new “My 70’s TV Childhood Quiz” Podcast! Get ready to put your knowledge to the test and relive those cherished moments from your childhood.

From classic favourites like “Blue Peter” to beloved “Magpie,” this quiz covers all the gems that graced the 70’s TV screens. I’ll test your memory, knowledge, and love for those timeless shows. Our quiz is designed to be suitably challenging, but fear not, it’s all just for fun! 🧠 Each episode will feature four rounds of questions that will challenge your brain cells and tickle your nostalgic heartstrings.

As your quizmaster, my hosting style might surprise you! Will I be a smooth and charming Bob Monkhouse Gold Shot type? Or perhaps I’ll embrace the excitement of a scary and shouty Mike Reid on the Runaround type of host? Tune in to find out!

Mark your calendars for August 22nd and every other Tuesday thereafter, as we kick off the “My 70’s TV Childhood Quiz” Podcast. 🗓️ Don’t worry if you miss an episode; you can catch up on back episodes anytime and dive straight into the quiz itself.

Invite your friends and family to join in on the action! Spread the word and let’s create a community of 70’s TV aficionados, all eager to test their knowledge and trivia.

Stay tuned for more updates and don’t forget to follow our page for the latest episodes of the regular podcast and the thrilling “My 70’s TV Childhood Quiz”! 🎙️ #70’sTV #Nostalgia #TVQuiz #My70sTVChildhood #TriviaTime #ThrowbackTuesday

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