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Christmas Special- What did I miss in 1976?

In this special Christmas episode, I’m not just taking you back to the nostalgia of the 70s but also right into the heart of 1970s Christmas telly!

As a child, the anticipation of Christmas was almost tangible. The thrill of waking up to find what Father Christmas had left under the tree was unmatched. This episode reminisces about the excitement that filled our homes and hearts during those festive weeks. From the thrill of unwrapping presents to the joyous chaos of family gatherings, these memories are a treasured part of our collective past.

We also take a stroll down memory lane with a look at the Christmas TV programming of 1976. Though I was ill and missed much of the season’s offerings, revisiting the schedules brought back a flood of nostalgia. The special editions of Pipkins on Christmas Eve and the family fun of Tommy Steele in “Half a Sixpence” were highlights of the season. The programming on BBC 1 and BBC 2, though I missed them at the time, were pivotal in shaping our Christmas experiences.

In this episode, I delve into the unique TV adverts that defined our Christmas viewing. From the enticing toy commercials that captured our imaginations to the sophisticated and sometimes amusing aftershave ads, each one tells a story of the era. The Cointreau advertisement, with its suave French charm, and the quirky Hi-Karate ad, reflect the diverse and often humorous nature of 70s advertising.

But Christmas was not just about the presents and the TV; it was about the smaller traditions that made the season special. I recall the excitement of decorating the Christmas tree, the aroma of chestnuts roasting, and the festive tunes that filled our home. These traditions, though simple, were the essence of Christmas for us.

As we round up this episode, I encourage you to reminisce about your own Christmas traditions from the 70s. What were your favorite Christmas TV shows or adverts? Did you have any unique family traditions that made the holiday season special for you?

I’m looking forward to hearing your stories and memories. You can share them by emailing me at, or leaving a message right here or on social media. Your contributions make our journey through the 70s TV childhood even more vibrant and heartwarming.

Finally, a big thank you to all our listeners for being a part of this journey. Your support and engagement mean the world to me. As we move into our fifth year, I promise more nostalgic trips, more laughter, and more shared memories of the 70s.

Take care, and see you soon for another episode of “My 70’s TV Childhood.”


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