100th Episode: Norris, Is It A Record?

Welcome to this milestone 100th episode of My 70’s TV Childhood! Since our debut in September 2020, we've embarked on a nostalgic voyage through the memories of growing up in 1970s Britain.  In this celebratory episode, we reflect on the remarkable journey from our first release amidst a global pandemic to today. Despite the challenges of lockdowns, our podcast has provided a delightful escape into the cherished television of yesteryears. As we look back over our hundred episodes, it's astounding to see the breadth of topics we've covered. From the cherished…

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Test Your 70s TV Knowledge: Quiz #16

Hello again, and welcome back to the My 70s TV Childhood Quiz. We are a quiz based on the immensely popular My 70s TV Childhood podcast, which looks back at what it was like to grow up as a child in 1970s Britain. And the important part that television played in our lives then.  As usual, our quiz will be 20 questions, spread over 4 rounds of 5 questions each, and will be based upon 1970s television, and some of the things we've mentioned in the 90 odd episodes of the…

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Commercial Break 3: Food and Drink

Welcome back to “My 70’s TV Childhood,” In this episode, we're exploring the world of 1970s advertisements, focusing on the moreish topic of food and drink. Advertisements from this era reflected the cultural norms and changes in lifestyle of the time. It was a golden age, with talented individuals like Ridley Scott, Fay Weldon, and Salman Rushdie leaving their mark on the industry. These adverts didn't just sell products; they captured the essence of daily life and influenced our choices in subtle yet powerful ways. To give you a flavour… The…

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